Tank-only Eljer Round "Pillbox," "Pill Box"


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Product Description:
  • Toilet tank-only Eljer round "Pillbox," "Pill Box."
  • Toilet bowl not included.
  • Includes tank cover. (Damaged.)
  • Picture of whole toilet is reference-only.
  • Circa 1910.
  • 19-1/2" X 8".
  • Flush actuator says "Push."
  • Condition notes: Large chip on tank lid, right rear corner. Some hair-line cracks from aging.
  • Tank repair & rebuild parts –  Learn more


Ask a Question
  • We have a toilet like this, only the tank is the octagon panel tank. Where can we get a replacement for our toilet’s chipped lid

    These tank lids are very rare. There was a place in Sacramento, CA, Mac the Antique Plumber. Not sure of the current status.

  • What’s size of tank opening on top for the lid?

    12" x 5".