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If you do not know your toilet brand, model number - Go to Identify Your Toilet

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For many, many answers to common questions - go to our FAQs page (Frequently Answered Questions) listed in the menu at the top of the page.

"Learn More" links will take you expanded information on the referenced subject.

Toilet Seats:

For normal, typical, standard type toilets, begin with our Color-To-Match® program. Here you can choose Round/Regular/Plain bowl size or Elongated bowl size for normal style toilet in 100 colors.

If your toilet is not a normal, typical, standard type, we might have a seat for you. We can supply seats for these special toilets: American Standard Roma, Luxor, Carlyle, Norwall, Ellisse and Baby Devoro; Case one-piece; Eljer Emblem; Jacob Delafon Fleur; Kohler Champlain; Kohler Rochelle. Use the search box.

Trip levers, flappers, flush valves, fill valves, gaskets & bolts:

Contact the Mechanical Parts Department (our fulfillment affiliate)  at 603-249-9100 M- F, Eastern Time or Email:

To learn vocabulary about toilets and their parts, visit our Toilet Glossary.