Terms, Conditions, Returns, Refunds

If you are entering an order with us, there will be a check-box to agree to our terms and conditions. This is the guide for settling post-purchase issues.  You can read it below. Call if you have questions or concerns. 650-483-1139.

Additional shipping charges are due for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  We will contact you after an order is entered.

If you are less than certain about your brand, model or color; contact us before ordering. Returns are expensive for the buyer and painful seller.

  • Contact us within seven (7) days of arrival to request a Return Goods Authorization (RGA.) 
  • Standby for RGA.  RGA will contain the return-to address.  The return-to address may vary from the shipped-from address.
  • Restocking or handling fees apply on returned items unless there has been error on our part. 
  • Outbound shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Return shipping charges are buyer's expense.
  • Unauthorized returns are accessed 100% restocking fee. 

Handling and restocking fees:

Tank Lids:                            Up to $36.00

Tanks:                                  Up to $50.00

Bowls:                                  Up to $50.00

Bolt Caps:                            Non-returnable.

Repair glaze:                       Non-returnable.


Description:                                                                      Rate:

  • Exchange purchase                                               $25.00
  • Return for refund                                                    $35.00
  • Color-To-Match, ID service                       Non-refundable
  • Custom painted, urethane – non-returnable          100%
  • Discontinued Items – non-returnable                     100%
  • Used & salvaged – non-returnable                         100%
  • Unauthorized Returns                                             100%

Cancellations: A 3% processing fee from the merchant processor is deducted unless there has been an error on our part. If an order has been packed but not shipped, there is a cancellation and refund fee of $12.00 for tank lids and $22.00 for tanks. If an order has been shipped but not delivered, that constitutes a return (see above), not a cancellation.

Refunds: Processing RGAs, returns, inspections, restocks, credits and refunds is like driving in reverse - it's harder and slower. Please allow 30 days for refund to post. Refunds will flow back through the channel of the payment. A 3% processing fee from the merchant processor is also deducted unless there has been an error on our part.

650-483-1139 Pacific Time ~ Gary@Tjader.com

Created May 2019. Edited June, 2020.