Seats Color-To-Match® for AMERICAN STANDARD colors

American Standard

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Product Description:
  • Toilet seats classic colors for American Standard, aka Standard. 
  • For discontinued colors, see custom-painted, Click Here.
  • For normal-style toilets with 5-1/2" hinge spread center-to-center.
  • Heavy-duty plastic. 
  • Slow-close hinges, aka soft-close, whisper-close. 
  • Quick-release EZ clean hinges.
  • Color-matched hinges.
  • Made in America.
  • Extended warranty - Learn more.
  • Guess your color name at your own risk. Restocking fees apply to errors.
  • Color samples shown here are for assistance in selecting a color name for an order.  If you do not already know your color name, go to the link for Colors Info or Color Identification Service.
  • Limited supply of Heather, Classic Mink, Light Mink,  available - Click here.

Measure the toilet bowl, not your seat. 200slowt 1200slowt 200E4 1200E4

Before ordering these older colors, please study the Substitutions page. Clair de Lune Blue, Royal Copenhagen Blue, Manchu Yellow, Tourmaline, Fawn, Ivory de Medici, Platinum Gray, Rose du Barry.

A note about American Standard toilets from the 1940s & 1950s with inset center tank lids -  Learn more.

Aegean Mist, Americana Brown, Autumn Gold, Bayberry, Avocado, Bermuda Coral, Black, Blonde, Bone, Candlelyght, Classic Mink, Classic Turquoise, Clair de Lune Blue*, Colonial Blue, Corallin/Coralin, Daydream, Dresden Blue, Euro White, Fawn Beige, Heather, Honeydew, Ionian Black, Light Mink, Light Turquoise, Linen, Loganberry, Manchu Yellow, Ming Green, Orchid, Orchid of Vincennes, Peach Blossom, Persian Brown, Platinum Gray, Rain Forest, Regency Blue, Rhapsody Blue, Saffron Yellow, Shell, Silver, Spice Mocha, Spring, Surf Green, Tang Red, Tourmaline, Venetian Pink, Warm White


Ask a Question
  • I am looking to purchase a round toilet seat for American Standard toilet 6.0 lpf/1.6gpf Stamped on tank is the number 9470 with a bar code 3209553018 also the number 730/065-100/930349 American Standrard referred me to your company Color of present seat may be considered bone or light tan

    Answering availability requires a color name. In the menu above, see Colors Info & Color Identification Service.

  • I have American Standard toilets in my house which was built in 1952. I need a seat for my white (I think) toilet. The numbers on the lid are Oct 2 1950 F 2000 1 L50. The number in the inside of the tank is E2000 67. These seats have that unique feature that as you raise or lower the seat the seat cover moves back and forth at the hinges. Do you have any of the seats? If not, do you know where I might find one? Thanks!

    Sorry, don't have the original seats you describe. Discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it. We have current production replacements as on this page.

  • my toilet seat hinges broke and I need replacement colored ones. The number is 4049 T82. Its a pinkish tan color. Can you tell me what color mine is and how much will the hinges be. My toilet is a American Standard.

    We don't have toilet seat parts, just complete toilet seats. T82 = 1982. Pinkish color could be Bermuda Coral. Tan color could be Fawn Beige or Bone.

  • I need a replacement toilet seat cover for an American Standard toilet. Model number 5332.016. Color is black.

    Our set is normal hinge, elongated, plastic, slow-close as is 5332.016. If Everclean is quick-release for cleaning, we have that too.

  • I’m looking for a toilet seat. The code inside the tank is 4049 103 and 4049 74 on the lid.

    The numbers do not indicate the color name. See Colors Info in menu above.

  • I’m looking to replace my American standard wood elongated toilet seat in Heather which is the color. The number on the tank is 4075–242 which I believe might be the color would you have a replacement and how much ?.thanks

    Heather, an off-white in the grey range, was discontinued in 2020. The closest remaining available color is Silver, aka Platinum Gray. It is darker.

  • My home was built in 1929 and we have a "Standard" expulso which appears to be bone, warm white or linen (something along those lines). I don't see a serial number but it has a round lid. Any idea what seat we should order as a replacement? Thanks!

    Study the Colors Info article and look for "White paper test."

  • SKU: TSRPAW__ will this toilet seat fit my 1951 american standard toilet? it is an f4054 (full number on the undersurface of the tank cover is 1864054) color is white. distance between holes is 51/2 inches. thanks


  • I have an American Standard Toilet for which I need a seat and cover. The serial on the toilet is7100111337 and the model is 2037. If you have a product that matches this I would like to purchase it and a matching sink too. Thanks.

    Our seats fit model 2037 (Lexington.) The serial number is unknown to us. Color identification service: We don't have sinks.

  • American standard elongated toilet in daydream color. Is there a toilet seat cor close to it that I can get now?

    image.pngHeron Blue (Kohler)image.pngDaydream

  • I have an American standard round toilet circa 1961 yellow numbers on the toilet are 393 4049 and m62 looking for a reasonable match in a toilet seat.

    The toilet is Manchu Yellow. The currently available substitute color is Saffron Yellow.

  • I need an American Standard elongated toilet seat in the color of spice mocha. It looks like you are out of stock, do you know if you will be getting in any of these? Do you have spice mocha in another brand that would work for me?

    Yes, but it is a different model without slow-close hinges. Move your request over to email for further info.

  • I have an AS toilet with a Fawn Beige color of twenty years old. Is the " Fawn" color in your chart the Fawn Beige color I am looking for? I nnnd a elongated toilet seat.

    Fawn was produced 1937 - 1947. Fawn Beige 1963 - 2011+? They are different colors.

  • I have a very old American Standard toilet with a unique bolt seat system in a lavender color. The model name is Purimo. The seat is elongated and open at the front . American Standard directed me to you. Would I be able to send a picture of the hinges so you might help me identify how it might be replaced? I don't care about the color if I could get a new seat and cover. THanks

    Sorry, discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it, no substitute, no parts.

  • Are the manchu yellow and saffron yellow the same? Are they both available? Not sure which one is correct for a 1963 vintage original yellow toilet (and sink and tile). But if manchu and saffron are the same, what difference would it make?

    In 1963, the color name was Manchu Yellow. Manchu and Saffron are nearly identical. In current replacement seats, Saffron is substituted for Manchu.

  • I have a American standard 4078 cadet round toilet in Linen. I need a new seat, I was given on your website sku tsrpawni is this an exact match

    Here is the link. Select Elongated. Drag over color circles to see color names. Click on Linen to select = black ring around it. Move down to make payment & order.

  • My house was built in the 50's. The toilet and tub are pink. I need a new toilet seat. Would that be ventitian pink?

    Corallin was produced up to 1963. Venetian Pink began in 1963. If you see a stamping of a letter and two numbers, such as P57, that is a date code for 1957.

  • My home was built in 1981 there is a blue. I call it a powder blue. One I guess is bisque and one off white. I like to replace toilet seats.

    We can determine your color names through the fee-based Color Identification Service.

  • We need a replacement toilet seat for our American Standard toilet. Our house was built in 1961 and it may be an original toilet. The lid says 2005 22. It also says Aug 11, but I see no year. The color looks like flesh color. Do you know what the color may be?

    Persian Brown? Corallin?

  • Looking for American Standard Plaza series toilet seat Peach or peach blossom colour Thanks

    Sorry, discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it. We have a Candlelyght but it is missing hinge parts. The later, cousin seat, Pallas will work. We don't have those either.


    On this product page, under Size, select "Round 16 -1/2". Under Color, click on the third circle and a black ring will show around it. Drag over it and the name Bone will appear. Scroll down to see Add to Cart or two other choices. Complete online payment. The seat is generic. It will not be branded American Standard.

  • I am not sure what color my toilet is but it’s a standard 4033 39

    We offer a fee-based service for identifying color names.

    Color identification service:

  • I’m looking for a pinkish beige replacement toilet seat. Our toilet is from 1999 - does that narrow downs the possibilities?

    The most accurate method is the Color Identification Service.

  • looking for American Standard elongated toilet seat either wood or brown 10" bolt spacing

    You need to move over to one of these pages:

    Norwall wall-mounted
    One-piece low-boy, Ellisse*
    One-piece low-boy*
    *Dark Brown is no longer available. See links above for Identify Your Toilet & Colors Info.

  • Can I have a toilet seat, Light Blue in 17” X 13 1/2”?

    Presumptions of a normal-style toilet:

    1: The hinges on your toilet seat are 5-1/2" apart from center-to-center.

    2: The hinges mount down through the bowl. (Versus back through the tank.)

    3: The shape of your toilet bowl and seat is curved or rounded. (Versus angled or squared-off front corners.)

    There are two bowl/seat lengths as shown in the diagram above. Measure the toilet, not the seat.

    The widths of our seats are: Round-14-3/8" & Elongated-14".

    Light Blue is a color shade, but not a color name. For a seat to match the color of the toilet, a color name is required.

    Study here Color identification service: 

  • Hello, our house was built in 1967 and I'm pretty sure the bathroom fixtures are from the original construction. The blue (turquoise-ish) toilet in my bathroom has the numbers 4049-14 imprinted inside the toilet tank cover. Also there is P65 Made in USA under the cover and APR with a square imprint. Do any of these things indicate the color number? I need to purchase a replacement seat cover and would like to buy a matching one, or at least pretty close to the original color. Thanks for answering my question!

    2024: The numbers do not indicate the color name. P65 = 1965. On our site, under Popular Products, click on Seats for American Standard Colors. In our menu, go to Colors Info and Color Identification Service.

  • Looking for American Standard heather color elongated toilet seat. Originally purchased in 1987/88

    2024: Available on this page.

  • I have an 1 piece engolated american standard toilet from around 2000 with 10 Inch center holes I want to buy a raised seat what do you offer

    2023: There are no raised seats with 10" bolt spread.

  • I have an American Standard toilet 4094 79. I cannot find a toilet seat that fits. The bowl lid measures 15 inches X 19 (bolt holes to front lip). Almond color. The 18 1/2 elongate is too small.

    2023: In our menu, study at Toilet Seats 101. Measure from the center of an empty bolt hole. For the elongated bowl, an elongated seat is the correct choice. There are no dimensional choices. There are no longer choices.

  • I purchased a set of color samples for an American Standard toilet that needs a new seat. The closest sample color is Warm White (#376). I cannot find a Warm White in the listing of colors for Color-to-Match American Standard colors. Please help me understand what I am missing.

    2023: Warm White had very low production period, 1993 - 2003. On replacement seats, the return/error rate is 100%. Hence we don't sell Warm White unles the customer has documented "WW" stamped on the product somewhere or has original purchase receipt. Second to that, Warm White seats were discontinued from production in 2020 and no stock remains. We can custom make Warm White = $500.00, 10 weeks. Kohler Almond might be a close enough substitite. Use the email at the top of the page to request sample. Ps: Your date code is M82 = 1982 = before Warm White was in prodcution = your toilet is not Warm White.

  • What color is closest to american standard shell

    2023: American Standard Venetian Pink (darker) or Kohler Desert Bloom (lighter.) In April there were a few Elongated Shell remaining, click here.

  • Where can I find an American Standard Norwall toilet seat? It was made in 1965 with the color of Regency Blue and Clair de Lune Blue. I could use either color. 1- inch bolt spread.

    Sorry, discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it, no substitute.

  • American standard round fawn beige Replacement, do you have it?

    Yes. Click on Round to select bowl size. Click on Fawn Beige to select color name = 4 available.

  • Hello, I have a pink American Standard toliet. NT 27. Feb 9 1955 Is etched on the toilet. Any way to check what color pink it is? Venetian or coral in?