Colors Info

Color identification & color name selection:

Step 1: Color identification. Color identification leads to a color name.  Blue and yellow are color families.  Cerulean Blue and Saffron Yellow are color names.  Once you have pin-pointed your color name, you can move to color selection for making an order.  Color names follow brand names, model numbers and then years of production.  See our Color Identification Service link.

Step 2: Color selection.  The color circles on this website are a convenience for entering a color selection.  You must have a color name in order to make a color selection.  See Step 1.

Color Identification Service

Online colors are not fully accurate due to variances in computer monitor settings and qualities.  Desktop monitors will be most accurate.  Laptops, pads, and phones are the least accurate.  We are not responsible for color selection accuracy made from these samples.  Use the Color Identification service or contact us.