FAQs Tanks

Q: My toilet tank is cracked.  Can I glue it or seal it?

A: No, this is a dangerous idea. Once a crack has emerged, the tank or entire toilet should be replaced as soon as possible. A crack, even if repaired, may get bigger and in some cases the tank may break apart. In this event, the fill-valve will think the tank is empty and it will stay on and water will run continuously in your house causing a flood and serious water damage. If your tank is cracked, we recommend that you shut off the water supply valve to the toilet right now.

A: There are porcelain repair products on the market, but they should only be used for cosmetic areas such as the lid or exterior of a bowl. These products may not provide structural strength.

Q: Do you sell the inside working parts for the tank?

A: Yes. Repair and rebuild parts are available. Call our fulfillment affiliate at 603-249-9100 Eastern Time.