Broken Tank Lid Stories

The Best Tank Lid Stories From Our Experienced Customers:

"We need a tank lid. We are a roofing company and one of our guys fell through a skylight opening. He hit the toilet on the way down and broke the lid. ...Swear to God. He's okay." (American Standard 4049 Fawn Beige tank lid, 2011)

"I dropped a hammer on a customer's toilet. You guys are the only one in America who has this thing." (American Standard 2092 Hamilton White tank lid, 2010)

"I stored the toilet in the garage during the remodel. The lid was on a tool box. The dog went by and bumped it. It smashed into many pieces."

"I was crawling out my second story window to make some exterior repairs. I'm a big guy, it's a small window. My foot hit the tank lid. It's American standard, but I can't find a number yet." (2010)

"The wind came through my window and blew my flower vase off the sill. It landed on the toilet and broke the lid. I cut my hand badly picking up the pieces." (American Standard 2006-7 Bone tank lid, 2009)

"I have five-year-old triplet boys - none of whom are talking about this." (Eljer Emblem, White tank lid and seat, 2008)

"I broke the lid. I leaned it against a wall and it slid down the wall and broke."

"This is the last time I let my sister paint my bathroom while drinking ;) ." (Norris 1979 White, 2007)

"I'm an idiot. I dropped my toilet lid while trying to fix something inside the bowl and it broke. How much for a Universal Rundle 4481/4490 tank lid in white?) ." (2008)

"In a cleaning frenzy before selling our house, I removed the tank cover. It slipped out of my hand and smashed into pieces on the floor."

"My husband was fixing the toilet. The lid was on the floor. He dropped a tool and it hit the lid."

"We have 6,000 members at this YMCA. Half of them are 18 or younger. Stuff happens." (Qty - 4 - American Standard #4086 White, 2008)

"The flush handle was not working right. The nanny picked up the lid to check on the handle. The lid slipped out of her hand."

"I removed the top to clean. I turned away to get something and heard it breaking."

"I lifted the front to look inside. The cover slid off the back, went between the toilet and the wall, and broke when it hit the floor."

"I removed the lid to wash it. I stood it up in the tub to dry. It slipped and fell and broke into three pieces. I cut my hand when I picked it up."

"I was painting the walls. I bumped the lid and it fell off and broke."

"My dog broke my lid the other day during a thunderstorm."

"My son needed ten stitches in his hand."

"We removed the toilet during the remodel. The tank slid out of the back of the truck and smashed on the street when the employee drove off without closing the tail-gate." (American Standard wall mounted Glenwall tank white, 2004)

"I was removing wallpaper and I slipped and hit the toilet and the top fell off and broke."

"I can hold my baby with one hand, so I thought I could lift the lid with one hand. ...Not." (American Standard 4078 White, 2006)

"By the way your tips on handling lids was helpful, but I wish that I read it prior to playing with the lid. When broken they are like razor blades." (American Standard F2005 White, 2006)

"The other lid is in a million pieces out in the garage, as it slipped off the seat onto my foot. 2 weeks and 3 stitches later, I can finally put on a shoe!." (Vitromex White, 2007)

"The Sloan FlushMate pressure tank blew up and shot the lid into the air. It crashed onto the floor and broke into a hundred pieces. Luckily no one was in there when it happened." (American Standard 4086 Bone, 2007)

"We had our house moved 46 miles. The moving contractor did not remove nor secure the tank lid. During the trip it bounced off and shattered on the floor." (Shopping for Mancesa White, 2008)

Caution - Warning:

~ If your lid (or other vitreous china) does become broken, be very careful of the sharp pieces. They are like broken glass and are just as dangerous.

~ If you are using a lid that has broken or chipped edges, take a fine file and carefully smooth down the sharp edges. Or remove the lid and do not use it.

That's it! ...More than you wanted to know. But, "Better safe than sorry."