Seat Color Substitutions

Color-To-Match® Toilet Seat Substitutions Disclosure

Some older colors are no longer supported in our program.  But we have very good substitutions.  Many are considered a perfect match.  Depending on your strength of color perception, you may or may not distinguish a difference.*  Below is the list of substitutions.  If you are very picky, do not order.

Brand                                                      Original Color Name                               Substitute Color Name

 American Standard                                 Clair de Lune Blue                                  Regency Blue

 American Standard                                 Royal Copenhagen Blue                         Rhapsody Blue*

 American Standard                                 Manchu Yellow                                        Saffron Yellow

 American Standard                                 Tourmaline                                              Rainforest

 American Standard                                 Fawn                                                       Bermuda Coral*

 American Standard                                 Ivory de Medici                                        Kohler Sunlight*

 American Standard                                 Platinum Gray                                         Silver, 162, slightly lighter*

 American Standard                                 Platinum Gray                                         Kohler Country Grey 032, slightly darker*

 American Standard                                 Tahiti (Avocado)                                      Avocado

 American Standard                                 Rose du Barry                                         Kohler Pink Champagne?*

 Crane                                                      India Ivory                                               Amr Std Blonde, slightly lighter                                                                                                                                                                                         

Crane                                                      Persian Red                                            Amr Std Tang Red

Eljer                                                         Colonial Yellow                                        Creamy Yellow

 Eljer                                                         Coca                                                        None

 Kohler                                                      Argent                                                     Am Std Silver*

 Kohler                                                      Rouge                                                     Amr Std Tang Red*

 Kohler                                                      Tea Green                                               Amr Std Honeydew

 Kohler                                                      Spring Green                                          ?????

 * Close, but not “very close.”   Best available.  Will not match.

Toilets are made of porcelain. Your existing seat may be plastic or enamel painted wood. The toilet seats in this program are made of plastic. The samples are made of paint. They all use the same color pigment, though the different materials of manufacture can reflect light differently.  Color tones may vary in different light sources and at changing angles. Compare samples to the porcelain toilet, not the existing seat.

 We recommend that you choose a color listed for the brand of your toilet.