FAQs Tank Lids

Q: How is a tank lid measured?
Toilet tank lids do not come in multiple, cataloged sizes or dimensions. Measuring is not a method for identifying a correct tank lid. It is a method for validating when you are uncertain about the brand and model you are choosing. In other words, if your tank lid is 20" wide and the one you are looking at in our products is 18" wide, then something is wrong. 

The tank lid measurements shown here are the bottom outside edges at the greatest points.

There can be slight variances of up to 1/4" wide and 1/8" front-to-back due to random shrinkage during kiln firing in manufacturing. Also, measuring points can be vague due to radius' and curves on the edges. Differences of 3/8" or more should be discussed.

Side bar: The difference in dimension of the outside rim of a toilet tank lid and the outside wall of the tank reservoir is 3/4" typically.

Q: Why do some lids cost more than others?
 A: Supply and demand. (Basic economics.) Most of the lids we have are no longer manufactured. Some have not been made for over 75 years. Some that we have sold have never been found again. Degree of rarity determines prices. Old and colored are the most rare.

A: Size and weight can also affect the price since our price includes packing and shipping.