FAQs Tank Lids

Q: Couldn't I get a lid cheaper at a salvage yard?

 A: Yes, you could. ...If there is one (salvage yard) in your area; if you are willing to do the work; and if you are lucky enough to find the right one. But salvage yards and plumber shops tend to be dirty heaps of unorganized goods. They don't even know what they have. You're on your own to "pick-your-part." Caution: When rummaging through salvage yards, be very careful of broken or chipped tank lids. The edges are sharp like broken glass and can cut you badly. Additional caution: During the warm season, beware of spiders and wasps living under lids stored outdoors.

Q: Why are the lids so expensive?

 A: The value of our price is in our service. We are not a self-service, pick-your-own-part junk yard. We are salvage specialists and toilet experts. Our stock is completely sorted, organized, cataloged and managed. Our service provides expertise in identifying the right lid for your toilet and delivering it safely to your home. In order to have the one you need, we carry two thousand in stock. This spans 500 different models and colors across 85 brands going back 95 years. Our home delivery service provides great convenience. "We'll wrap it, pack it, and drive it to your doorstep. So, why is an old, used lid so expensive? ...Because we're worth it!

A: Handling, handling, handling... and storage. Think of it this way: The lids are FREE! ...But there is a charge for the overhead to provide the service plus a markup. This overhead starts with our travel to find the lids. Then they are loaded and driven back to our facility. Next is unloading, identification, marking, sorting, storing, and cataloging. (One-by-one.) (...And don't break 'em!) Most lids are stored for years. Some may be stored for ever? We have 20 thousand pounds (10 tons) of toilet tank lids! ...It ain't easy. Next, this website is provided and maintained. When an order is placed, the lid is pulled from stock, washed, inspected, wrapped, packed, shipped, insured, and driven to your doorstep. When the process is all over, that ten pound slippery fragile lid has been handled ten to twelve times. ...It's quite a journey from the bottom of a pile, in the back corner of a plumber's shed, to your doorstep.

A:The toilet tank lids we carry are no longer available from manufacturer production in unlimited quantities. With limited supply from salvage, and demand often exceeding supply, we must charge a higher price on some items in order to make sufficient profit to sustain this service.

A: Sometimes we have to buy a whole toilet just to get the tank lid.

Q: How is a tank lid measured?

A: Toilet tank lids do not come in multiple, cataloged sizes or dimensions. Measuring is not a method for identifying a correct tank lid. It is a method for validating when you are uncertain about the brand and model you are choosing. In other words, if your tank lid is 20" wide and the one you are looking at in our products is 18" wide, then something is wrong. 

The tank lid measurements shown here are the bottom outside edges at the greatest points.

There can be slight variances of up to 1/4" wide and 1/8" front-to-back due to random shrinkage during kiln firing in manufacturing. Also, measuring points can be vague due to radius' and curves on the edges. Differences of 3/8" or more should be discussed.

Side bar: The difference in dimension of the outside rim of a toilet tank lid and the outside wall of the tank reservoir is 3/4" typically.

Q: Why do some lids cost more than others?

 A: Supply and demand. (Basic economics.) Most of the lids we have are no longer manufactured. Some have not been made for over 75 years. Some that we have sold have never been found again. Degree of rarity determines prices. Old and colored are the most rare.

Q: What is the condition of the lids?

 A: The lids are used and salvaged with no flaws or damage unless listed as B-Grade. Exception: Very dark colors usually show some scratches in bright light. Depending on severity, they usually are not detectable in typical bathroom lighting, 24 inches away. If you order a dark color and we find scratches, we will discuss them with you before shipping. Dark colors are: Americana Brown, Black, Cafe Brown, Expresso, Loganberry, Rainforest, Raspberry Puree, Rhapsody Blue, Ruby, Swiss Chocolate, Tang Red, Teal, Thunder Grey, Timberline.

Q: If you are out of my lid, when will you have more?

A: Porcelain original lids are used and come from salvage recovery. We cannot order them from production. Lids come in regularly, but we don't know what we will get or when we will get it. You can sign up for Restock Notifications at the bottom of the product page. On many models, we have Reproduction Substitutes. They will appear under Select a Material on the product page. If Reproduction Substitute shows "Not available," please contact us and we will correct that.