Toilet seats for many brands, models & colors.

Answer these three questions regarding your toilet and seat. If you answer "Yes" to all three questions, then you have a normal-style toilet and our Color-To-Match® seat will fit your toilet.  Scroll down to find Color-To-Match® seats for your toilet brand.

1: Are the hinges on your toilet seat 5-1/2" apart from center-to-center?

2: Do the hinges mount down through the bowl? (Versus back through the tank.)

3: Is the shape of your toilet bowl and seat curved or rounded? (Versus angled or squared-off front corners.)

If any answer is "No", stop and call 650-483-1139 Pacific Time, Monday - Saturday.

Q: Aren't wood seats better than plastic?
A: Not necessarily. "Wood" seats, aka enameled wood, aka composition wood, aka molded composition are not made of beefy lumber. They are made of sawdust and resin which are compression molded. ...Much like particle-board. The compressed sawdust is then painted. They look thicker and stronger and feel heavier because they must be two-to-three times thicker than plastic to achieve the same strength. The paint color is very thin compared to plastic seats where the color is solid through. (Drill a hole through each to see.) The moisture from bowl water and the acid vapors from urine and the chemicals from cleaning agents will eventually cause the paint on wooden seats to fail. Plastic seats are not susceptible to this failure. The paint on wooden seats can chip. Plastic seats won't chip. The bumpers on wood seats are screwed, nailed, or tacked onto the seat - they can fall off over time. The bumpers on our plastic seats are molded-in - they are integral and cannot come off. If you are replacing a wood seat now, it is probably for one of these reasons. In the case of toilet seats, plastic is better than "wood" in our opinion.