New products: Most new product prices include a one (1) year warranty for manufacturing defects when used in a residential application. *  Examples of defect warranty are:
      • Fading.
      • Peeling.
      • Hinge failure.
      • Slow-close hinge failure.
      • Bumper failure.

    * 90 days warranty on commercial applications such as vacation rental,  hotel or bed & breakfast.

    Exclusions: Porc-A-Fix repair glaze is six months for spoilage or when the seal is broken.

    Some warranties are administer by us, some are administered by the manufacturer. Contact us for specifics.

    A second year warranty is available starting at $3.00 per item. Go to our Extended Warranty page for details and to add to your cart.

    Warranty starts from invoice date plus 30 days, not installation date. Warranty is for product-only and does not cover installation costs.

    Misuse or damage are not covered under warranty.  Examples of misuse and damage not covered by warranty are:

      • Breakage from standing on a toilet seat.
      • Breakage from sitting on the closed seat cover.
      • Abrasions or scuffing from abrasive cleaners.
      • Discoloration from solvents.
      • Chipped, cracked or scratched from impact.

      Used & Salvaged: There is no warranty on used & salvaged items.

      Shipping damage: This is not product warranty but is covered buy insurance.