Search Tips

"Search" is your friend. It is very comprehensive and will take you quickly to the item you are seeking. Search may appear in two ways.

  1.      A white rectangular box with the word "Search," or,
  2.      A green circle with a magnifying glass. (Mobile view,) Click the green circle to open a white box.

Type in anything you know about your toilet. For example, "Rochelle," the model name of a Kohler toilet. Or K-3385EB, the model number of the Kohler Rochelle toilet. Hit "Enter" on your keyboard or tap "Search" and a list of the items for that toilet will appear. Double-click an item to view its product page.

Tip: Sometimes less is more. For example, you may have an American Standard part number for a tank lid such as 735.042-400.020. The core number is 735.042. We don't use the remainder. Search "735.042" or 735042." Likewise, "3385" will get you to Kohler Rochelle parts.