The collection below is from 2005 to 2011:

In General:

"You do not KNOW how exciting it is to have a working seat. They are so expensive this is the first time I have had $300.00 for something other than food and rent!!! Thank you for sending it so soon and for the instructions. I am thrilled!!" (Case 1100 bolt-thru-tank Elongated Saffron Yellow toilet seat, 2011)

"So glad I found this Website! A vanity cabinet slid off the wall onto the toilet 5 years ago and smashed the lid to pieces. I had been living with a towel stretched across the tank to hide the damage all this time. This looks MUCH better." (Kohler 84591White tank lid, 2010)

"You gave my wife and I a wonderful Christmas gift! We have received the Colonial Blue tank lid that you sent on Thursday. It matches perfectly. We never thought that we would be able to locate a replacement lid after the original broke." (American Standard F4049 Colonial Blue tank lid, 2011)

"The lid we ordered arrived this a.m. What a great Christmas present! Works and looks great. You guys do good work and I will definitely tell our plumber about your website. Although they are usually very reliable they did not have a clue for a replacement lid. (Eljer Emblem tank lid, White, Christmas Eve 2009)

"Many thanks to you, Gary. I received the tank cover last week in perfect condition and am very happy with your prompt assistance and professional courtesy. It's so nice to know that there are awesome people out in the business world that do their best to offer solutions to customers. I will share your web site with friends, family and neighbors. Happy New Year to you and your family." (American Standard 4049 Bone tank lid, 2010)

"Just wanted to let you know that the lid arrived late Thursday and in perfect shape, your packing was great. The little gray specks are almost invisible! If you have a customer rating site, let me know, I'll give you a 10!" (American Standard F2005 tank lid, White 2009)

"I do feel lucky. You were the first result on my Google search and you're only five miles away! ...I'll be there at three." (Western Pottery tank lid, White, 2007)

"I've been looking for this since 1965. Found you in Angie's List Magazine." (1948 American Standard F4054 tank lid, White, 2008)

"This is great. It's been 30 years I'm looking for this. The plumbers told me I'd never find it. Now if you could just find me a part for my old car?" (Case 1000:1100 tank lid, White, 2010)

"Just wanted you to know I received the lid yesterday in good shape. You guys really know how to pack those things. The fit is perfect and the color is a perfect match. Thanks for all your help and fast delivery." (American Standard #4083 tank lid, Fawn Beige , 2006)

"Not the most expensive "lid" I've ever bought, but certainly the most memorable." (Eljer Emblem tank lid, White, 2004)

"My F2005 Blue Toilet Tank Lid arrived today, beautifully packed, in perfect condition. Whatever flaw on the left edge is almost nothing. I am so very pleased as I have been trying for months locally and through my plumber to find this. Thank you so much for your wonderful service." (American Standard F2005 Blue tank lid, 2009)

"This is sweet. I've been lidless for three months." (American Standard F4049 tank lid, White, 2002)

"I'm so glad you found it. I've been using a bucket to flush the bowl for three months." (American Standard F4058 White 1951 tank, 2008)

"My toilet tank lid arrived in perfect shape. Thank you. I gave your contact info to the plumbing supply store in town because they had told me that replacement parts were not available. I do not know if they will refer any customers to you as it is in their interest to sell new toilets but I figured it was worth a try as I am sure many people will find themselves in the situation of needing a lid. Thanks again, you saved me a lot of work." ( American Standard F4049:T75 tank lid, White, 2008)

"Thank you for what you do. (Kohler 1976 K-4556 tank lid Fresh Green, 2008)

"I am a Bath Product Specialist for The Home Depot Online Bath Chat and I wanted to thank you for the business and service your company offers as we do not stock replacement parts for all of the toilet our customer need. I refer customers to your site quite regularly. (Email 2011)

Identification & Specification:

"That's it! (The right lid.) I don't know how you did it, but the check is on the way. I'll pass along your web site whenever I hear of someone in the same predicament." (Briggs 7406 tank lid, Bone, 2002)

"I want to thank you for your help in identifying the type of replacement lids I need. I emailed my request and photos hoping to get a response. To my surprise I received a response the next day when I turned on my computer. Thanks for your prompt response and excellent customer service!" (Eljer Emblem tank lids, White & Natural, 2006)

"You are correct!! I was reading the number wrong - it is a 4043!! Your photos are dead-on accurate. I'll be ordering the 4043 in the Pink color. Thanks for your help!!" (American Standard F4043 Pink tank lid, 2006)

"I contacted you a couple of weeks ago and asked for your assistance in identifying a replacement top for an old toilet tank. You suggested a specific top which I ordered and just received today. It's a perfect match! Thanks for your help. (American Standard 1969 F4049:C69 tank lid, White, 2007)

Fit & Color:

"Perfect size, perfect fit. Thanks." (Trenton CON 248 tank lid, White, 2004)

"The tank lid arrived in great condition. It fit perfectly and even though it was made in 1946 (9 years older), it was a perfect match. I'm impressed! As I am trying to do an exact 1955 era restoration of all the bathrooms, this was a tremendous find." (American Standard 4033 tank lid, White, 2011)

"Our toilet tank lid arrived today and it fits perfectly! In size and color. Thank you so much for your quick (3-Day) shipment and quick response to my questions. If this should ever happen to us again we know who to call." (American Standard 4083 tank lid, Bone, 2005)

"Thank you for having this service available on the internet. You matched the color and fit of the lid on my toilet. You solved a serious remodeling problem. You even matched the year to the toilet." (American Standard 1957 F4043 tank lid, Fawn, 2005)

"Thanks again for all your help, . . . . it had been a frustrating 3 month process for me to try and replace an outdated red lid and I was hitting nothing but dead ends till I found your web site." (Kohler K4530 tank lid, Antique Red, 2006)

"Just wanted you to know that the color was a perfect match and the condition was like new . It was a pleasure doing business with you. ." (Eljer 191.697 tank lid, Tuscan Tan , 2007)


"The lid arrived extremely well packaged, you could have probably shipped a dozen eggs!"(American Standard 4049 tank lid, White, 2011)

"You could be a packaging instructor. Those things could have gone around the world safely before we received them here in Iowa." (K-4524 Tank & K-4552 tank lid, Cerulean Blue, 2008)

"I just received the toilet and it is perfect! The packing was incredible. Thank You for your help." (Standard Cadet 1958 toilet bowl, Pink, 2010)

"Your packing job was the best I have ever seen." (American Standard 4078 Tank, White, 2010)

"I just wanted to thank you for such magnificent service. The Crane lid arrived and it's in perfect condition. I really appreciate your speedy, professional service and the care you take in packaging your products. I now have some additional packaging materials for my move this weekend. :-) (Crane CR/PL-H 3-222 tank lid, White, 2002)

"Wonderfully packaged." (American Standard 2004 tank lid, White, 2006)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the tank lid today... looks and fits great! I have to be honest, I was worried that the lid would be damaged or cracked from the trip cross-country... but I was impressed by the packing job! That thing could have been run over by a truck and still not broke! Thanks again for everything.." (Mansfield MPP 51 tank lid, White, 2006)

Value & Quality:

"Got the tank lid yesterday, and it looks great! It's in really nice shape. A huge improvement to my bathroom!" (Case #122 tank lid, White, 2006)

"Hi Gary........the tank lid and seats arrived in tact yesterday. Major flash back when I saw those toilet seat boxes - couldn't believe it." (Two K-4675 Kohler Rochelle seats & one Rochelle tank lid, Avocado, 2008)

"I can't believe I'm this excited about a toilet!" (Kohler K-4556 tank lid, Mexican Sand, 2003)

"Your web site is great. My wife thought I should replace the whole toilet. But I showed her your page about what that really costs. I don't mind your price. ...You earned it! " (Norris tank lid, White 1980s, 2006)

"I placed the order. Thanks. You earned the $100.00." (American Standard 4021 White tank lid, 2011)

"Yours is a great service for people who purchase older homes!" (American Standard 4049 tank lid, Fawn Beige, 2006)

"...I received the tank lid in excellent condition. The description stated that it was a blemished lid and to my surprise, the blemish was hardly noticeable! Our lid has been broken for at least 10 years and now our toilet is like new!!!" (Crane 4-15-001 tank lid, White, 2007)

"Cool Web site! I was about to embark on a plumbing nightmare. Now I'm taking my new toilet back to Home Depot. This will be MUCH easier. You are a God!" (Universal Rundle 4481/4490 tank lid, White, 2005)

"I appreciate your help in getting the right lid. It's a lot less hassle than putting in a new toilet." (1973 Norris tank lid White, 2004)

"I'm very glad you have this seemingly obscure business. Replacing a lid I broke during a bathroom remodel IS a cheaper way than replacing the toilet and floor. Thank you!" (1971 Norris tank lid White, 2005)

"Some guys told me to just put a piece of plywood on top. But thanks to you, I will not have to do that. Thanks for all your time in finding me this cover. Especially since I thought it was an American Standard tank lid. It even looks better than my old one before it broke. You're the best..." (Orion tank lid, White, 2005)

"Thanks for the tracking number. I am looking forward to receiving it as after installation, my back will not get wet anymore. ...Ha-ha." (Briggs B6621 tank lid, White, 2006)

Service & Delivery:

"Thanks for your great service! The tank is installed and working fine." (American Standard 4049 Tank White, 2004)

"Thank you for your quick response--and on a Saturday too!!" (Universal Rundle #4481:4490 tank lid, White, 2007)

"The toilet tank lid I ordered last Sunday arrived today – Friday! AWESOME! I have five house guests coming at the end of the week so you can only imagine how desperate and grateful I am/was!!! Your website is fabulous – even I could figure out what we needed in this emergency! Thank you so much --- I want to tell Menards, Lowes, Home Depot – all those that said it would be at least a month or more before I could get a replacement – CONTACT -- THIS OLD TOILET!!! You guys even called me to confirm my order on Monday morning! – there was a little glitch in PayPal because I received a reply that my first order didn’t go through – so thank you for that, too!!! I’m very impressed and only hope that my company can be as service oriented as yours!!! Truly, thank you for your SERVICE!!!! p.s. The toilet tank FITS and looks PERFECT!!! THANK YOU!!" (Eljer Emblem tank lid, White , 2007)

"Your company has been wonderful to deal with. One doesn't expect the personal touch over the internet." (Bemis Round Toilet Seat Venetian Pink, 2006)

"Thank you again for being on the lookout for this unusual lid." (Case 1000 tank lid, Pink, 2002)

"Thank you so much for your prompt shipment. I wish this were EBay so I could leave you feedback. My wife and I are very happy we again have a tank lid. (I will think of you at least three-four times a day.)" (American Standard 2006-7 tank lid, Bone, 2005)

"The lid arrived and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for being so accommodative. It is a rare pleasure these days for something to go so smoothly. (Briggs 7401 tank lid, White, 2003)

"My lid came yesterday, like you said it would! It looks as if it came with the original toilet. Thank you so much." (Universal Rundle 4471:4474 tank lid, White, 2006)

"I love your web site. Thanks for such a great service. I had no idea the trouble my butterfingers had caused!" (Searching for Lamosa tank lid, White, 2005)

"It's perfect. Nice service you offer. I prefer this to reinstalling a tank - esp. since the plumber had just updated all interior components 3 mos. ago!...All the best!. " (American Standard F4043 tank lid, Saffron Yellow, 2005)

Knowledge & Expertise:

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise as we have received our package on the day we were told. It is indeed a pleasure to deal with a person that know exactly what they are talking about, as these days, people such as your self are hard to come by. (Toilet seat for American Standard Norwall, 2012)

"Wow, you're like a Ph.D. in toilets." (Tank lid for Kohler K-3500-EB, Cerulean Blue, 2007)

"You really know your business. I'm so glad I found you." (Two toilet seats for Kohler Champlain, white, 2008)

"Just a quick note to say I returned this week from a business trip to find the lid you had sent me waiting for me -- it was a perfect fit (and, if anything, looks better than the original!). You turned a disastrous situation into a tremendous experience....and your knowledge and helpfulness is just incredible. All of us in my family send you a huge thank you. By the way, your instructions on caring for lids was one of the funniest pieces I have read in a long time. It made our day!" (St. Thomas Bostonian/Celite tank lid, White, 2007)

"You figured it out...you get the order! It was #2003, not 2008 as you suspected." (LC212 toilet seat for Amr Std #2003 Luxor, 2011)

Great Website:

"...By the way, your Web page is great. (Searching for Crane Persian Red toilet seat, 2008)

"...p.s. Love the site, I read through it all just for fun." (Searching for Villeroy & Boch toilet seat hinge, 2010)

"You are funny! Thanks for a bunch of laughs from your website. I'm especially fond of the "pot of gold" award your Dad got." (Repairing 1947 blue Eljer toilet, 2010)

"I wanted to let you know that your website is by far the best, most informative one that I have found and I have really looked around for parts and a lid for my old toilet." (Shopping for American Standard F4058 tank lid, White, 2008)

"Your website is very good. It's nearly entertaining." (Mike Cassidy, Columnist, San Jose Mercury News during a visit to our operation in May 2007) (Not a customer.)

People Saved:

"You saved our toilet!" (American Standard 1968 4049 tank lid, White, 2008)

"Fantastic - spot on!!!!! Many thanks, saved us having to redo the whole bathroom…. I hope you make a good business collecting these!" (American Standard F4054 tank lid, Claire de Lune Blue, 2010)

"You saved my bathroom from destruction. (My wife said if I didn't replace the tank lid we were getting a whole new bathroom.) " (Norris tank lid, Harvest Gold, 2000)

"You have saved my life. ...Please hurry." (American Standard F4049 tank lid, White, 2003)

"Thank heavens....I'll pick it up tomorrow." (American Standard F4043 tank lid, White, 2004)

"Maybe it's my imagination, but I SWEAR it looks better that the original top that I broke!!! You are a lifesaver!!!" (American Standard F4058 tank lid, Regency Blue, 2007)

"Thanks for loaning me the white tank while a pink one was being found. Enclosed is a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for you." (American Standard F4043 Tank Coralin Pink, 2006)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You must hear this a lot but I had just about given up on ever being able to find a replacement. You're a life saver!." (Eljer 5540 : 191.697 tank lid, White, 2007)

"Got it. It is perfect. You saved my skin. You guys are da-bomb DIGGTY. (According to my twelve-year-old, that's very good.)" (Eljer Murray tank lid, Natural, 2007)

"You saved me AND just in time for the holiday company!" (Kohler K-4546 tank lid. White, December 2007)

What'a Guy:

"My husband and I think you are absolutely great! We got the color for the toilet seat in the mail. When does anybody every take care of you like this? Thank you so much. Anyway, the color numbered 148 on the lower right turns out to be the exact color of the toilet and, amazingly, is the color we first selected sight unseen: Mexican Sand (Kohler). So, I guess we can just go ahead with the order. Again, thank you SO much for your prompt, amazingly efficient help." (Kohler Champlain Toilet seat ,#K-4690 Mexican Sand, 2008)

"Thanks so much for the information. You are a nice change from the usual." (Pink & Blue Toilet Bolt Caps, 2006)

" Just a note to say, "Thanks for taking the extra step" and calling me yesterday concerning the toilet lid. Honesty and Integrity are two values that often times are lacking in today's world. Thank you for taking your time to find a suitable replacement and calling me. I wish you continued prosperity as it is so obvious that your priorities are on the customer." (Crane 4-15-001 tank lid, White, 2007)

"I appreciate you man." (American Standard F4049 Tank for wall mounted Glenwall, Fawn Beige, 2008)

"You're a star! It's nice to know there is someone else out there with their act together. You run a tight ship and do good business. It gives me hope in the world. I appreciate the small stuff. More businesses should be run like yours. ...Take care." (Eljer 5240 tank lid, Twilight Blue, 2005)

"Thanks, Gary! Thank you for doing great work on behalf of all the people who use toilets (who would be, I'm guessing, everybody.)" (Searching for Kohler K-4541 tank lid, Purple/Brown, 2008)

"Thank you so much for crediting my charge card. Although I did not end up buying from you. I have been very impressed with your professionalism. I will recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in need of a toilet lid cover. Thanks again." (Almost a Kohler K-4549 tank lid, Mexican Sand, 2007)

"You-da-man!" (Kohler K-4546 tank lid, Swiss Chocolate, 2006)