Seats Color-To-Match® for KOHLER Colors


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Product Description:
  • Toilet seats for Kohler classic colors. 
  • For discontinued colors, see custom-painted, Click Here.
  • For normal-style toilets.
  • 5-1/2" hinge spread.
  • Round & Elongated refer to the shape of the front half of the toilet bowl.
  • Round & Elongated are different bowl lengths.
  • Heavy-duty plastic.
  • Slow-close hinges, aka soft-close, whisper-close, quiet-close. 
  • Quick-release hinges.
  • Color-matched hinges & bumpers.
  • Extended warranty - Learn more.
  • Guess your color name at your own risk. Restocking fees apply to errors.
  • Colors shown here are for assistance in selecting a color name for an order.  If you do not already know your color name, go to the link for Colors Info or Color Identification Service.

  • Made in America 200slowt 1200slowt

Study the diagram to determine bowl size.  Measure the toilet bowl, not your seat.


Expresso aka, Espresso.

For Round Chamois - Click here

For Elongated Tender Grey - Click here

For round and elongated Taupe Click Here 

For Round Parchment, sub Eljer Natural. Lighter, will not match, click here


Ask a Question
  • What color is my toilet K4539

    K-4539 is a model number for a tank lid for Rochelle K-3385EB. It does not indicate color name. In menu above, study Colors Info and Color Identification Service.

  • I’m looking for a Round Spruce Green Kohler toilet seat.

    Discontinued by the factory in 2020. No remaining inventory. The closest substitute is Classic Turquoise. Request sample through email.

  • I need a Kohler plastic round seat in "Wild Rose" for a Rialto Model K-3402: 1)What is your warranty? 2)Is the color painted on or is the plastic colored before molding?

    A one-year warranty is included in the price. Extended warranty available - Learn more. The seat is plastic, the color is solid-through.

  • What is your return policy if we have the color wrong?

    Links: Return Policy. Color identification service.

  • What color is my toilet model k 4556

    There are no numbers stamped on the product to indicate the color name. We offer a fee-based color identification service.

  • What color is my toilet, model: K 4520 71 2 28 84

    The numbers do not indicate the color name. Color identification service.

  • I need two kohler round toilet seats color Aztec gold and wild rose. Quiet close quick release would be nice.

    We have Color-To-Match® seats for Kohler colors, but they are not Kohler-branded seats. Harvest Gold is Kohler's color name. Crane calls it Aztec Gold. Two names, one color. Drag over the color circles to see the color names. Click on a circle to select it = black ring around it.

  • Do you have a seat for Rialto Water Guard K-3402-PB Tender Gray

    This color is available as a custom order. Rialto is size Round.

  • Does your Kohler elongated slow close toilet seat in mexican sand have the grip tight bumpers?

    No. Our seats are color-to-match for Kohler colors, but they are not Kohler branded seats. Our bumpers are molded in, integral and the bumper surface is the same as the seat.

  • I have a k3386 low volume toilet and would like to replace the toilet seat assembly. Are they available? Ours is the round version. Thank you

    Yes, this seat fits your toilet (select Round.)

  • I have a Koehler elongated toilet . Need seat. Lid I’d is k4558. 20545 date 7/19/89. It is a brown color. How do I zero in on shade? I purchased toilet color ID SERVICE

    After purchasing the color ID service, you should receive an email (to the address in the payment) with a memo attached, explaining the process. With your toilet's data, we will look up production history to determine possible colors in your range, "brown." If there is more than one possibility, we will postal mail you samples.

  • Have a kohler toilet k-4556 not sure if it’s wild rose or dusty rose color is there a code inside of lid to determine the color? Need a new toilet seat . Also does kohler do retro colors in the new highboy toilets? Thank you

    Dusty Rose is an Eljer color name. There are no color codes marked on the toilets. You might need our color identification service. Color-To-Match seats for Kohler color names are here. Our Color-To-Match program has all colors back to the 1950s and most colors back to the 1920s. Don't know what "new highboy" toilets are.

  • I need a toilet set for Kohler. Rochelle toilet in blue. Do you have one? Elongated with a straight nose

    2024: Sorry, Rochelle seat in blue is discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it, no substitute. In Search, enter "rochelle" and click on the seat to view the correct product page.

  • What color is our toilet K4558?

    2024: This is a model number and does not indicate a color name. In our menu, go to Colors Info and Color Identification Service.

  • I am looking for a 1200 slow T 221 color elongated toilet seat or the closest match.

    2024: Sorry, discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it. Substitute is Saffron Yellow on the American Standard colors page. Will not match.

  • do you have a white seat for a K3402PB toilet?

    2024: Yes. Select Round and White on this page.

  • what color is my kohler toliet k4541m

    2023: This is a model number, not a color number. There are no color numbers marked on the product. In our menu, go to Colors Info. In the drop-down, go to Color Idenification Serivce.

  • Will this Mexican Sand fit Rialto K3402-PB round front? Do I need any fittings, or will it fit the existing fittings

    The "PB" suffix stands for Plain Bowl which is Kohler's vernacular for regular or round bowl. Our round seat fits K3402PB. Our seat comes with hinges, bolts, nuts for mounting. The previous fittings are not used.

  • I have a kolhler K-3837. elongated.. what size do I buy I need the color desert bloom to replace what I have


  • I need an aspen green elongated toilet seat. The toilet is a Koehler brand.

    2023: Click on Elongated = box turns green. Click on Aspen Green = boarder turns green. Below colors list = Availabilty 1. Subject to prior sale. This color is no longer available from production.


    In our menu, go to >Colors Info >Color Identification Service. We'll need to know the year.

  • I need replacement for Kohler original wood seat. K3402P, 210-89, made in 1988. the top row number is T 10. Don't known if you can help but worth asking

    The seats on this page are plastic. For wood seats in some colors, go to > Products > Seats > Seats Enameld Wood.