Seats for Jacob Delafon Fluer

Jacob Delafon

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Product Description:

Jacob Delafon Fluer Toilet Seats.  American version. 5-1/2" bolt spread. For toilets manufactured 1993 - 1997. Replaces K-4716.  This toilet has a lift-knob flush acuator as shown.

Note: Almond with brass hinges was never produced and therefore is not listed.

Note: The original French-made toilet manufactured prior to1993 has a different hinge spread size of 6-3/16" bolt spread center-to-center.  This toilet has a push-button flusher NOT the lift-knob shown above.  Call 603-249-9100 Eastern Time for price and availabilty.

Due to a high rate of customer error on Almond and Biscuit, we require a statement or discussion explaining how the color selection was made prior to releasing shipment.  Please e-mail your statement or call 650-483-1139 Pacifc Time. Restocking fees are charged on exchanges and refunds unless there has been an error on our part.