FAQs Bolt Caps

Bolt Caps, round plastic, pair for all AMERICAN STANDARD Colors

Bolt caps cover bolts or screws where the toilet bowl is attached to the floor. Modern toilets have two bolts towards the rear of the bowl. Older toilets (circa 1950s and earlier) may have two rear bolts and two front screws. The rear caps are 1-1/4" in diameter. The front caps are 1" in diameter and slightly shorter.

Front caps are 1" because the shape and space at the front of the toilet is often smaller than the at rear. We do not have 1" caps.

We have modern plastic round 1-1/4" caps and we have vintage hex-base (hexagonal) porcelain 1-1/4" caps. These are new production, not salvage.

1-1/4" caps can be used at the front if you deem there is enough space. To us in the business, 1-1/4" caps at the front look clumsy, but maybe they're better than a bare screw top.


  • Bolt caps are sold in pairs. Quantity one (1) ordered equals two (2) caps.
  • When ordering two (2) or more pair, include a note during payment explaining, "Four-bolt toilet" or "two (2) two-bolt toilets".
  • Bolt caps are a non-returnable, non-refundable item.