Porc-A-Fix Full Information

Product Details:

Use within six months of purchase. Single-use application. Guaranteed not to spoil up to six months with unbroken seal. Avoid abrasive cleaners. To preserve the liquid glaze material longer than six months, clean the bottle threads before closing; store between 60 and 80 degrees. If glaze becomes thickened, dilute with one drop of mineral spirits, turpentine or paint thinner then stir.


  • Clean damaged area. Spray compressed air to remove dust. Let dry.
  • Shake bottle well.
  • Apply glaze to damaged area.
  • Apply amount higher than surface.
  • Let dry for 12 hours to harden.
  • It will shrink a bit when dried. Apply second coat if necessary. Let dry.
  • Use wet & dry sand paper (included) to lightly smooth the area.
  • Buff to shine with soft cloth.

Fill Patch: For chips, cracks and gouges in porcelain or enamel that are too big for glaze alone, pre-treat with Fill-A-Fix. Apply before colored glaze, let dry and sand smooth. Each Fill-A-Fix kit contains sufficient material to make one to three repairs, depending on the size and depth of damage.

Cast Iron or Steel Fixtures: If rust is present, pre-treat with Corrode-A-Fix, rust transformer that neutralizes rust on chipped iron and steel fixtures by converting it to a protective black layer in 30 minutes. Apply, dry and sand. Then coat with your color-matched repair glaze.