Seats Color-To-Match® for American Standard colors

American Standard

Product Description:
  • Toilet seats for American Standard colors. 
  • For normal-style toilets with 5-1/2" hinge spread center-to-center.
  • Round/Regular bowls 16-1/2”.
  • Elongated bowls 18-1/2”. 
  • Heavy-duty plastic with slow-close hinges. 
  • Allow six business days for arrival. 
  • Made in America

Measure the toilet bowl, not your seat.

Color Identification Service

A note about American Standard toilets from the 1940s & 1950s with inset center tank lids: These seats will fit the mounting bolt holes and bowl size. However, when putting the cover (top portion) and rim (where you sit) in the up position, the cover will not fit into the recess as the original seat models did. Rarely, in some cases, the seat may not stay up by itself. A possible resolution is to slide the tank lid back all the way and check that the toilet is level, not tilting forward.