Tank American Standard Cadet & Compton # F4043, 4043

American Standard

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Important: If original porcelain is out of stock, study urethane substitute disclosure (link) before ordering.

  • Toilet tank American Standard Cadet & Compton.
  • F4043, 4043.
  • Less tank lid.
  • Less internal mechanical parts. 
  • 1953 to 1963.
  • 7 Gallons per flush.
  • Save 3/4 gallon per flush, Click Here.
  • More tank details - Click Here.
  • Tip: The mounting nuts on the trip levers (flush handles) are clock-wise to loosen and counter-clockwise to tighten.
  • Tip: The stampings on this number can be misread as 4048. There is no product of that number.
  • Color samples shown here are for assistance in selecting a color name for an order.  If you do not already know your color name, go to the link for Colors Info or Color Identification Service.
  • Universal Fits-All White substitute - Click here.


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  • Looking for a replacement fill valve for the 4043 American standard what should we use

    Start at this link. Internal Parts.

  • good day; have a 4043 toilet which suffers from calcification in the pipes and does not longer flush as it once did. hoping you had an identical replacement unit. if not (cannot find on the website), do you know what the 'rough in' measurement for this type of toilet is? will help me figure out which modern unit to buy for replacement. thank you for any information. (asked American Standard; they say it is too old and do not have specs anymore)

    Thank you for using This Old Toilet.

    12" is the normal rough-in from the original finished wall to the bolts or rear bolts. Your tank was also part of a 14" rough-in model, though very rare.

    We do not sell complete salvaged toilets, just components, few bowls. Regardless, it would just be someone else's used toilet which might be better or worse than yours.

    To remove calcium in the trap-way (aka "pipes"), a can-do service plumber might be able to apply diluted muriatic acid and achieve improvement. Not a DIY task! Muriatic acid is dangerous.

    For internal rebuild parts, contact our fulfillment affiliate at 603-249-9100 or TOT@TheAnswerLine.com.

  • The 1960 home has Amrican Standard Model 4043 1954-1960 the ceramic caps are cracked do you sell these? I need a pair of white ones How Much

    In desktop view, on the left frame find Products. Click on Bolt Caps.