Seat for American Standard Carlyle, Roma & Luxor, LC212

American Standard

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Product Description:
  • White and all colors were discontinued by the manufacturer in 2020. 
  • Toilet Seat for these American Standard one-piece models:
  •  Luxor # 2002 & 2003, 1969-1980.
  • Roma # 2009, 1981-993.
  • Carlyle # 2010, 1959-1979.
  • Replaces 5330.857, 5330857.
  • Equal to Church Bemis LC212, 212.
  • Heavy-duty solid plastic.
  • Includes rim, cover, hinges, bolts & nuts.
  • 10" Center-to-center hinge spread.
  • Note: The available white seat is new-old-stock repackaged. It is open front rim. There are minor cosmetic cracks on each hinge socket. There is color fading in some places in bright light at certain angles. This is from being stored unboxed near a window in a warehouse for many years. As-is, non-returnable.
  • Made in America.


Ask a Question
  • Hi! What would be the time and shipping cost for delivery to Laval, Quebec, a suburb of Montreal. I'd like to buy a Carlyle 2010 seat (bone color, new). Thanks.

    We are not set up for shipping to Canada.

  • I have a Roma 2009 Vent-away and the plastic bolts holing the set-on have broken away and the seat essentially is just resting with no way to lift it up (without taking it off). The lid is not attached. Is there a way can replace the bolts? If so where can i get them?

    We have complete toilet seats, but we do not have toilet seat parts.

  • I’m in NYC and I need to buy the carlyle 2010 seat in silver, but before I do I have to get the old seat off. Is there a way to access the screws from the top; is there any way to uncover the screws from the top of the seat? Thanks.

    No. The bolts are integrated into the hinge. Look for bolts and nuts on the bottom outside or possibly inside the tank. Soak with spray-on penetrating oil and sit for 24 hours prior to removing.

  • I have an American Standard toilet marked 656 2009. Will this fit? It would be helpful to have a measured drawing. In need a white toilet seat with ~9.75" between the hinges, is ~18" long by ~17" wide (at its widest point). Thanks.

    Yes, it will fit model number 2009, Roma. There is only one seat that fits Roma and it doesn't come in different sizes or dimensions so there is typically no need for specifications.

    Replacement seats for American Standard Vent-Away toilets

  • have 1974 American Standard Vent Away (Dark Brown) -- guess it's "American Brown" that I took out of someone's house years ago during a remodel -- just couldn't toss out such an "expensive" toilet! LOL (I'd just put $200+ worth of parts in it for the lady the year before!) Anyone anywhere custom make Oak (wooden) seats for these? The toilet sat outside long enough for the brown plastic to dull, plus the white plastic seat spacers are cracked -- know I could find something to fix / replace them... Thinking of trying to buff the plastic -- figure there's nothing to lose.... either it buffs up OR the whole toilet goes bye bye... unless I get really energetic and make my own seat in my wood shop... Mama really wants the Oak seat like all the other toilets in our house.

    I've used a product called Rejuvinate to remove oxidation from exterior household surfaces with success. Got it at Home Depot. I do not know of custom toilet seat makers. Solid "Oak" seats are prone to splitting over time. I doubt that oak material would be strong enough to cover the large bowl size of this model.

  • What should I use to clean the White plastic toilet Seat for the American Standard Carlyle #2010.

    Best: Warm soapy water.
    Good: Liquid cleaners like Fantastic or 409.
    Bad: Abrasive cleaners like Ajax or Soft Scrub.
    No: Abrasive brushes or sponges.

  • ETA on when this seat in Venetian Pink will be back in stock?

    Sorry, there is only one manufacturer for this seat and they discontinued Venetian Pink five years ago. They do not intend to put it back into production.

  • I have this toilet in brown (Vent Away stamped 2003). Any chance I can get a new seat in brown?

    Sorry, no. There is only one seat that fits your toilet and it is no longer available in American Brown (a very dark brown.) It cannot be special-ordered or custom-ordered. While we can recolor enameled wood seats, we do not offer that service on plastic seats. Plastic is very nonporous and therefore has low adhesion for repainting. While we could get the paint on, the greater question is, "How long will it last?" It would not hold up long-term in the harsh environment of aggressive or abrasive cleaners; acid from urine and urine vapor; and moisture from bowl water splashing and evaporation.

  • Looking for a toilet seat from an old American Standard 2003 toilet in white? Do you have one?

    There is only one seat that fits model 2003. This is the correct item. Yes, in stock. (The quantity was at zero for a few days, but now updated.)

  • are you ever coming across carlyle seats for 2010 model any more? Have yellow toilet but can deal with beige/bone/white if I had to can you recommend another model that will fit? Thank you

    No. There is only one seat that fits that toilet. Discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it, no substitute.

  • I have an American Standard 1986 toilet and need a seat for it. Please help me. Not elongated.

    What is the 4-digit model # insde the tank? In our menu, clcik on Identify Your Toielt.