Seats Color-To-Match® Enameled Wood for Normal-style Toilets for Many Brands

This Old Toilet

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Product Description:
  • Toilet seats medium-density fiberboard enameled wood.
  • Round and Elongated for normal-style toilets. 
  • Color-matched, quick-release, non-slow-closing hinges. 
  • 5-1/2" hinge bolt-spread center-to-center.
  • Enameled wood is an economy-grade material.  For deluxe with slow-close hinges, see our Color-To-Match® heavy-duty plastic seats.
  • Equivalent to American Standard Round 5308.014.
  • Equivalent to American Standard Elongated 5311.012.
  • Equivalent to Church Round 540EC.
  • Equivalent to Church Elongated 585EC.
  • Equivalent to Kohler Round K-4816.
  • Equivalent to Kohler Elongated K-4817.
  • Up to six business days for arrival.
  • Color samples shown here are for assistance in selecting a color name for an order.  If you do not already know your color name, go to the link for Colors Info or Color Identification Service.
  • Clearance Center starting from $20.00.
  • Made in America


Ask a Question
  • I have been trying to discern the color difference between American Standard's pink, called "Coralline," and the color which subsequentmy replaced it, "Venetian Pink." To my discernment, they seem to be one and the same color, just with a different name. Is there really a difference?

    Venetian Pink is a shade or two lighter than Corallin. Depending on lighting conditions, angles and each person's color perception strength, they may appear identical or slightly different.

  • What is the length of the elongated American Standard platinuim grey wood seat TSRWNI

    17-1/2" front of rim to back of rim.18-7/8" front of rim to center of hinge bolt.

  • Does Koehler make an elongated seat in the color blush?

    There is a Kohler color name "Innocent Blush." Don't know if Kohler still offers Innocent Blush seats. We have Color-To-Match Innocent Blush seats here. However, they are on back-order unitl mid-January 2022.

  • Do you have a seat, lid to match a 1949 Crane Drexel Green toilet?

    We have Avocado, Seamist Green, and Pale Jade (Round only). We do not have Sage. There may have been other greens produced. Our data for old Crane production is weak. There are greens by other brands that may be suitable. Color ID Service. Seats for Crane colors.

  • Hi, I’m a little lost on your site. What I need is a round Koehler toilet seat to match the color Chamois. My toilet is called memories (K3452). Thank you.

    Chamois has been discontinued. It would have to be custom made, $500.00 + shipping, 10 weeks production.