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 Fee-based service. Price includes postage and handling.

Warning: Toilet seat return shipping + replacement shipping + handling fee = $55.00~.

Color Identification Service with Samples. Precise color identification service based on our expertise, experience, and a deep database of manufacturers' production history. Payment includes up to three toilets. If you are unsure of your color name choice, you can order this service for $8.00 along with your toilet seat. Under Purchase Status above, select, "I am adding to a product."  Then "Add to Cart" below.

Entera  payment and you will receive an email reply explaining the process and the next step.

Colors Information - Learn more.

We will research the colors produced for your brand, model, and year. This will pinpoint your color name or when there is more than one possibility, we will send individual physical samples in the postal mail to compare with your toilet. (Not 12-page set.)

Blue, green and pink are colors, but Regency Blue, Spruce Green, and Misty Rose are color names.

This is a non-refundable purchase.

On $16.00 fees, an $8.00 rebate is available when a product is purchased within 30 days. The rebate is an $8.00 Amazon digital gift card via email  (Does not apply to bolt caps or Porc-a-Fix.) Use "Notes" field during payment or email to say, "Amazon gift card."


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  • hve an American Standard yellow toilet 4049 #1421675 - It is difficult to tell by photos what color is best...I ordred a Bemis yellow which looked perfect i the photo - the real thing is lighter than the photo and tank...I see they have a harvest gold - and also another two yellows all of which don't look perfect...Is there any way to tell with the numbers that I've shared which I would need...the current one has never been changed and the bottom looks like boat barnacles!!!

    4049, F4049 is a common tank number for the Cadet model 1962 - 1982. 1421675 is a mystery. We have seats for all the American Standard colors, so we have your color (color name.) The confusion you describe is precisely why our Color Identification Service above was born and why it is a good value. American Standard's color name for gold was Autumn Gold. Four other manufacturers called it Harvest Gold. It's the same color under different names. There are no numbers or markings on the product indicating the color name.

  • House built in 1995; brand name of toilet not known, but need a replacement round plastic green seat. Not sure what name of color is...May be "Sea Mist" green? How can I order right one?

    Without a manufacturer's brand name, we cannot pinpoint your color name. However, we can send you samples of ALL the greens for EACH manufacturer in our program (13) circa 1995. Copy your question above, begin a Color Identification Service order above. During the payment process, paste your question into the Notes field. We will postal mail the samples. It is possible you will find a color that matches your toilet. Certainly, you will find a color that is very close. Follow the brand of the color name in our Color-To-Match seats collection.

    Toilet identification:

    Color-To-Match® toilet seats:

  • Our American Standard toilet was made Sept 27, 1973. The contact person at American Standard identified it as in the Cadet Series from the info on the tank. She said the color would have been fawn beige or bone. It is a darker beige. We need to replace the toilet and wanting to match color as other bath fixtures are the same color. Please advise.

    Take the tank lid or a bolt cap from near the floor to a plumbing fixture showroom. ...Preferably an American Standard dealer. They will be able to advise the availability of current production toilets and their colors. (We don't sell new toilets.) Study our handling tips before removing the tank lid. If the bolt cap does not come easily, don't force it. You can get rebulid internal parts for your exisitng toilet from our fulfillment affiliate. 603-249-9100.

  • Our house was built in 1978. The American Standard bathroom fixtures are a beige with a pink tint. I'm trying to find out the color.

    We can find out your toilet color name through our fee-based service here. Enter payment and you will receive an email reply explaining the process and the next step.

  • I have a American Standard toilet. (F2005 36/ APR-11-1958/P 58 MADE in USA) It is Pink but I don't know if I should order the Venetian Pink or Coraline SEAT to match. Should I use your Color Identification Service?

    Corallin was produced up to 1963 so that would be your color name for 1958. (Venetian Pink started in 1963.)

  • Elmer corner toilet needs new seat year 1984. It is cocoa color, like hot chocolate. I thought it might be Tuscan but not sure.

    Eljer produced Cocoa from 1982 - 1991. Their color number was 41. It was a milk chocolate brown. Tuscan Tan is a different color.

    Image result for eljer cocoa plumbing