Seat for Kohler Champlain K-3390EB


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Product Description:
  • Discontinued item: Production of colors ended years ago. In 2021, White was discontinued, but we have some remaining inventory.
  • Toilet seat for Kohler Champlain K-3390EB, K3390EB, K-3390, K3390, 3390. 
  • After-market replacement for K-4690, K4690, 4690 & K-4691, K4691, 4691. 
  • Heavy-duty plastic with Chrome hinges.
  • 7" center-to-center hinges.
  • Hinges mount back through the tank.
  • Made in USA.
  • Extended warranty - Learn more.




Ask a Question
  • I have a White Kohler Champlain Toilet. In addition to what appears to be the date of manufacture:3/14/72 there are 2 other numbers on the Champlain tank lid: 4764 and 4547. The original toilet seat is, I believe, a one piece which has a box-like spacer between the tank and the seat similar to the image of the toilet seat attached to the toilet used in the ad for the "Seat for Kohler Champlain K-3390EB", Since I'm not sure which number accurately reflects the seat would you please let me know if "This Old Toilet.Co." has a replacement seat in white that will fit. Many Thanks, Bob Wilson

    The box-like feature is an optional deodorant bar chamber. The replacement seat we have does not have the deodorant chamber. Our seat fits Champlain.

  • Will this fit a Champlain K4547?

    Yes. There is only one seat that fits the Champlain. K4547 is the number of the Champlain tank lid.