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Case Manufacturing is probably most famous for being the first company to produce the one-piece toilet, in 1925. It first appeared with a side lever and kidney-shaped lid. Called the Cadillac of toilets, the Case one-piece inspired many variations on this style and is still sought by collectors in its original form. Case was also the first company to market its plumbing supplies in a palette of colors.


It was originally established in Buffalo, New York, in 1853 as the W.A. Case & Son Manufacturing Company. In 1952, it was acquired by the Ogden Corporation, a company that identified itself as an investment company; however, after acquiring Case, the Securities and Exchange Commission argued that Ogden was not an investment company, and so it came to identify itself as a manufacturing company. Today, Ogden is known as the Covanta Energy Corporation.

In 1963, Briggs Manufacturing purchased Case, an action that helped Briggs become a very prominent and innovative force in the plumbing industry.