Seats for "Case-style" hinges


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Product Description:
  • Discontinued item: Production of colors ended years ago. In 2021, White was discontinued, but we have some remaining inventory for elongated and occasionally inventory for round.
  • Toilet seat for Case-style hinges. 7" hinge-spread, hinges bolt through the tank.
    • 1900CCP, 1900 Elongated fits:
      • Briggs Emperor 6302.
      • Case 1100.
      • Kohler Champlain K-3390EB.
      • Universal Rundle Polaris.
    • 800CCP, 800 Round fits:
      • Briggs Emperor 6300 & 6303.
      • Case 1000.
      • Case 3000. (Wall-mounted.)
    • After-market replacement. 
    • Heavy-duty plastic with Chrome hinges.
    • Note: Venetian Pink Round is salvaged. Seat is branded Case. Condition is Good. Complete and intact. Some bumper wear on rim bumpers. Minor marks and flaws from normal use since 1960's. Chrome hinges have green stain from age. Hinge screw heads are rusty. As-is, no warranty.
    • Made in America.


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    • Is the one for sale round or elongated. If round does it fit a Case 1000 toilet? Is there a picture showing the scuffing?

      Select Size to choose Round or Elongated. 1000 is Round. No pic of scuffing.