Lid Case Kidney Bean one-piece style


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Product Description:
  • Toilet tank lid Case Kidney Bean one-piece style.
  • # 100 : T/N 
  • Seat bumper not included.
  • Circa 1920s.
  • Substitute urethane for colors: - Learn more
  • Allow three weeks for arrival.
  • Clair de Lune Blue, Manchu Yellow, and Platinum Grey require substitutes. Call for details. 650-483-1139.
  • Contact us for other colors.
  • Free color samples.
     The original toilet was supplied with a seat that is no longer available.  It was unique in the way it fit when in the up position.  The shape and size of the seat cover were unique to this toilet.
     Additionally, there was a rubber bumper on the tank lid.  When the toilet seat was up, the cover of the seat would rest on the rubber bumper.  The bumper attached to a threaded metal rod that went through the hole in the tank lid.  The rod attached to a brass bracket inside the tank.  The bracket fits onto porcelain inside that tank.  The bumper-rod-bracket also functioned to secure the tank lid onto the toilet.
     After many years, the rubber bumper wore away and the metal rod corroded resulting in a mysterious empty hole.  Additionally, when the seat wore out and was replaced, the newer seats fit differently and in the up position put stress on the tank lid.  This becomes a “perfect storm” and the tank lid is prone to being knocked off the toilet and broken.
     Today’s toilet seats will fit the mounting holes and match the front of the toilet bowl.  But they don’t fit well when up.  The lower area of the seat cover will hit the lower area of the tank lid.  If a user leans back it can lead to the above problem. We have a seat with an adjustable hinge to solve this. Call 650-483-1139.


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  • when will one be available again?

    We don't know what we're gonna get or when we're gonna get it.

  • I hopefully just purchased this lid in original porcelain to replace my old one which broke and was glued back. Do you know anyone that can repair my old lid? I’d like to keep it (along with the one I just purchased)

    Yes, thank you for using This Old Toilet. Square Deal Plumbing, Huntington Park, CA (closed?) Bathroom Machineries, Murphy's CA. Search web using: plumbing, fixture, antique, porcelain, repair, refurbish, rebuild.

  • Can I purchase this Case kidney bean tank lid painted in Ming green? Thank you!

    Yes. Under "Color," select "Ming Green." Under "Material," select "Urethane."