Seats for Jacob Delafon Fluer

Jacob Delafon

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Product Description:
  • Jacob Delafon Fleur Toilet Seats.  American version.
  • 5-1/2" bolt spread.
  • For toilets manufactured 1993 - 1997.
  • Replaces K-4716 and 84057. 
  • This toilet has a lift-knob flush actuator as shown.
  • Note: Almond with brass hinges was never produced and therefore is not listed.
  • Note: The original French-made toilet manufactured prior to 1993 has a different hinge spread size of 6-3/16" bolt spread center-to-center.  This toilet has a push-button style flusher NOT the lift-knob style.  The hinges are white.  Call 603-249-9100 Eastern Time for price and availability. 85332

Due to a high rate of customer error on Almond and Biscuit, we require a statement or discussion explaining how the color selection was made prior to releasing the shipment.  Please e-mail your statement or call 650-483-1139 Pacific Time. Restocking fees are charged on exchanges and refunds unless there has been an error on our part.

Pair, Polished Brass hinges & hardware - $69.00. Contact us.

  • Tank repair & rebuild repair parts available from our fulfillment affiliate:
  • 603-249-9100 Eastern Time


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  • Called about hinges for Kohler Jacob delafon my phone # is 419-466-5870

    We will look. Allow three days. We will update. We have one set of polished brass hinges. Replacement hinges are available from current production, but they are so expensive that it's actually a better value to replace the entire seat.