Seats Eljer Emblem ~ Stock Colors


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Product Description:
  • Toilet Seat for Eljer Emblem.
  • For custom-made discontinued colors, click here.
  • Regular & Extended bowls.
  • For toilet model # 141-1175, 141 1175, 1411175.
  • Solid plastic or enameled wood varies by color.
  • Equivalent to 124-0200 & 124-0205; 124-0210, 124-0215.
  • Colors not listed are discontinued and no longer available.
  • Slow-close hinges not available.
  • Color-matched hinges & bumpers on plastic seats.
  • White hinges & bumpers on Regular Platinum.
  • Complete with rim, cover, hinges, bolts & nuts.
  • View the diagrams to determine Regular or Extended size. The toilet bowls will measure 16-1/2" & 18-1/2".
  • Color Identification Service. 124-0200 124-0205





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  • Looking for and Eljer Emblem seat in Peach Bisque. Your SKU #TSEERNI

    Peach Bisque is discontinued from production. Here is our page for custom painting.

  • What is the color of the toilet in the photo for the seats under Eljer emblem? It looks greenish. I have an eljer emblem toilet that has a green hue and the colors listed do not have green hues but the photo of the toilet seems to be the correct color.

    Sea Mist Green. This color is discontinued from production but is available as a custom order. Under Product Description, click on "Custom Painted page."

  • I am looking for toilet seat and cover for Eljer 124-0210-96. Do any of your toilet seats & covers fit?

    2024: The suffix "0210" deisgnates regular size made of enameled wood and "96" = Silk, aka Biscuit color. We have plastic seats. We doubt this toilet was produced in Silk, but replacement seats were produce in Biscuit. Your toilet is likely Natural, #82.

  • I am looking for toilet seat 124-0200-162. Thank you

    2023: This is Eljer's original model/part number. It designates Regular size, made of plastic, in color name Platinum. Discontinued from production 2022. We have enamled wood, custom painted in Platinum. Select Regular, Platinum, Enameld Wood. Availablity subject to prior sale.

  • Hi, I'm looking for toilets seats for Eljer model 1268 from late 1980's in Platinum. It looks like the one you have here will fit but the model #s don't match up. We have the extended length.

    2023: 1268 is not an Eljer model number. The seats on this page are for the Eljer model Emblem. We don't use model numbers, so there is nothing to match to.

  • Phone number we’re I can order

    Top center on every screen.

  • If send you a picture of my toilet, Can you find the proper color for my seat toilet?

    Accurately identifying a color name from photos is risky due to lighting, shadows, angles, reflections, computer video cards, brightness, contrast and such. Best to use our Color Identification Serivce under Colors Info in the menu above.