Toilet Case 3000 one-piece wall-hung


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Product Description:
  • Toilet Case 3000. 
  • Regular size bowl.
  • One-piece wall-mounted, wall-hung.
  • Circa 1950s, 1960s.
  • Does not include tank lid. Available separately.
  • Does not include seat. Discontinued.
  • Includes used internal mechanical parts. Condition unknown.
  • New parts available. See link in menu above, Tank Parts.
  • As-is, no warranty.
  • Color = Standard Corallin, Briggs Coral, Gerber Petal Pink, Kilgore Apricot, Kohler Peachblow. 

This item is not shippable by us. Contact NAVIS Pack & Ship, Hayward CA (925) 460-8455.


Ask a Question
  • Can u send me pics of the case 3000 wall hung toilet. Insides, bolt configuration, inside toilet bowl. Are their any cracks of repairs??

    A catalog picture of the toilet is on this page. We have added a diagram image for specs. The white toilet has used internal parts. The pink toilet has recently replaced internal parts per the person we aquired it from. There are no cracks or repairs that we saw upon arrival.

  • Can you supply me with a gasket kit for the case wall Mount I have a very old blue one

    In  our menu, click on Mechanical Parts and follow the contact there.