Toilet Case 3000 one-piece wall-hung


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Product Description:
  • Toilet Case 3000. 
  • Regular size bowl.
  • One-piece wall-mounted, wall-hung.
  • Circa 1958, 1960s.
  • Does not include tank lid. Available separately.
  • Does not include seat. Discontinued.
  • Includes used internal mechanical parts. Condition unknown.
  • New parts available. See link in menu above.

This item is not shippable by us. Will-call in Los Altos California. We can deliver to a local UPS store for packing and shipping under your order and purchase. We can deliver to a pack-and-ship store of your choice within 15 miles of Los Altos CA.


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  • Can you supply me with a gasket kit for the case wall Mount I have a very old blue one

    In  our menu, click on Mechanical Parts and follow the contact there.