Tank Lid Case 1000 & 1100 One-piece Style


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Product Description:
  • If porcelain is out of stock, study urethane substitute disclosure before ordering.
  • Toilet tank cover lid Case 1000 & 1100 one-piece Style.
  • 1000 is Regular/Round bowl.
  • 1100 is an Elongated bowl.
  • The tank lids are interchangeable.
  • Circa 1952 - 1969.
  • Contact us for more colors.
  • Color samples shown here are for assistance in selecting a color name for an order.  If you do not already know your color name, go to the link for Colors Info or Color Color Identification Service.
  • Caution: Broken porcelain is sharp and dangerous.


Ask a Question
  • Hello. I need to find a tank lid for a Case one piece elongated (not wall mounted) toilet in sky blue. Please, let me know if you have it.

    Verify that you see #1000 or #1100 on the bottom of the original tank lid or inside the tank. We can do a custom re-color to match your toilet. $160.00 + shipping. Further details upon request. Email us at the address at top of the page. (Price subject to change without notice.)