Toilet Color Identification Service with Samples

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Color Identification Service with Samples. Expert color identification service based on our expertise, experience, and a deep database of manufacturer's production history.

Enter payment and you will receive an email reply explaining the process and the next step.

We will research the colors produced for your brand, model and year. This will pinpoint your color name or when there is more than one possibility, we will send individual physical samples in the postal mail to compare with your toilet. (Not 12-page set.)

Blue, green and pink are colors, but Regency Blue, Spruce Green and Misty Rose are color names.

This is a non-refundable purchase.

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  • Elmer corner toilet needs new seat year 1984. It is cocoa color, like hot chocolate. I thought it might be Tuscan but not sure.

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    Eljer produced Cocoa from 1982 - 1991. Their color number was 41. It was a milk chocolate brown. Tuscan Tan is a different color.

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