Tank Lid Amerian Standard Colony # 4392, 735.076, 735076

American Standard

Product Description:
  •  Toilet tank Lid Amerian Standard Colony
  • # 4392, # 735.076, 735076
  • 20" X 9"
  • 1999 - Present
  • Original: Genuine porcelain, used & salvaged, no flaws or damage
  • Substitute: New MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) with marine-grade polyurethane surface
  • Caution: Broken tanks lids are sharp and dangerous

    Reproduction lids are new from current production and differ from the original porcelain lids which are used and salvaged. The reproductions are a high-gloss surface like enameled wood toilet seats. The core material is MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard. The surface material is marine-grade urethane paint. The design of these lids may differ slightly compared to the original. The top is generic-flat and does not have the same design or contours. But the shape, size, fit and color are identical to originals.   Reproduction is shown in the top-view-only image.

    • Tank repair & rebuild repair parts available from our fulfillment affiliate:
    • 603-249-9100 Eastern Time
    • TOT@TheAnswerLine.com

    B-Grade porcelain available.  4" hairline crack - $50.00.  Call 650-483-1139.