Tank American Standard Cadet # 4112

American Standard

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Product Description:
  • Important: If original porcelain is out of stock, study Urethane substitute disclosure (link) before ordering.
  • Toilet tank American Standard Cadet.
  • # 4112, 4112.016.020.
  • Less tank lid.
  • Less internal parts.
  • 6" center-to-center connecting bolts.
  • Note: This is not the pressure-assist model.
  • 1999 - 2010?
  • 1.6 Gallons Per Flush.
  • More tank details - Click Here.
  • For color samples, view the seats page.
  • Tip: The nut on flush handles is reverse. Clockwise to loosen; counter-clockwise to tighten.
  • These tanks are desirable for replacement on wall-mounted and rear-discharge models. If your toilet is floor-mounted, consider replacing the whole toilet. Cost of a new toilet.


Ask a Question
  • I have a toilet it's a American Standard bottle number 4112 I was wondering what year the toilet is and do you have inside parts for the toilet? Thank you.

    Production was 1999 - circa 2010. Tank repair & rebuild parts – Learn more.

  • What size or part number for the flapper? 2” or3”? Thanks!

    In our menu, click on Tank Parts and follow the info there.