Tank American Standard 4008

American Standard

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Product Description:
  • Toilet tank American Standard 4008.
  • Less tank lid.
  • Less internal mechanical parts. 
  • Used & salvaged, no flaws or damage.
  • Tip: The nut on flush handles is reverse: Clockwise to loosen; counter-clockwise to tighten.


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  • I see many types of American Standard 4008 tanks. The one you show is exactly what we need in the color white. Is there another tank & lid that would fit our bowl?

    Two conerns with subsituting tanks: 1) Does the substitute tank deliver enough water for the gallons per flush need by the bowl. 2) If you get a different tank you also need a matching tank lid different from your original. In our search feature, enter "universal tank" to see a generic substitue complete with parts and lid.