Tank Lid Sterling Wyndham 84537, 4615


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Product Description:
  • Toilet tank lid cover  Sterling Wyndham.
  • 4615, 84537, 84537-AA, 81588.
  • Fits tanks 4515, 404555, 404615, 404515.
  • 16-7/8" X 7-3/4".
  • Circa 1997-1998.
  • Sterling's markings can be vague, ambiguous or absent. Various numbers may appear such as 10-3-3, 11-3-3, 15-2-3, 4615-DB, 7926N1. They are all the same item.


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  • I have a sterling toliet lid i need to replace it is dated 06-02-96 inside has a number on the lid 404611 and than N1-4611-1348 and stamped in ink E-12, R-1, 36 inside the tank is the number 401015

    Please send two photos of your tank lid.  Top view showing the full perimeter.  Bottom view showing full perimeter.  If the lid is missing, look for same toilet elsewhere in the house or send two other pictures: Toilet with the seat down and rim down, a 45-degree angle and top view of tank opening showing full perimeter.

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