Tank American Standard Cadet, Glenwall & Yorkville F4049, 4049

American Standard

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Product Description:
  • Important: If original porcelain is out of stock, study urethane resurface substitute disclosure (link) before ordering.
  • Toilet tank American Standard Cadet, Glenwall & Yorkville. 
  • # F4049, 4049.
  • Less tank lid.
  • Less internal mechanical parts.
  • 1962 to 1982.
  • 5 Gallons per flush.
  • Save 3/4 gallon per flush, Click Here.
  • More tank details - Click Here.
  • Tip: The threads on the flush handle nut are reversed: Clockwise to loosen; counter-clockwise to tighten.
  • If you know the year of production, include it in Notes during payment.  Date codes are a letter and two numbers such as C72 is 1972.
  • From 1976 to 1982, for White, some date codes have an M, S or T such as M80.  These tanks are 1/4" wider. Hence, other tank lids will be too small and won't fit correctly. Do not order M, S, or T variation unless you are replacing M, S, or T.
  • This tank cannot substitute or replace # 4040 Norwall. The width of the Norwall bowl will block the fill valve hole on the 4049 tank.
  • Caution: Broken porcelain is sharp and dangerous.

These tanks are desirable for replacement on wall-mounted and rear-discharge models. If your toilet is floor-mounted, consider replacing the whole toilet. Cost of a new toilet.


Ask a Question
  • I am looking for a venetian pink 4049 Tank and Lid for a thru wall American Standard Toilet. Numbers on Tank 4049 T/11. 685 L71. Any Help would be appreciated 843-343-3341

    Click here for 4049 tank lids.

  • I'm remounting an old American Standard 4049 wall mount (approx. 1967 vintage). Not sure what wall gasket/seal to use. It's 3 1/2 " inside diameter and 5 3/8 outside diameter. Can't seem to find a part number. Can you tell me what will work? Is there a generic brand that will fit? Thank you in advance. - Mike

    Good for you for checking! Wall-mount does require a different gasket. Contact our parts fulfillment affiliate.

  • Looking for Am. Standard 4049 Saffron yellow tank

    1/23/20: We are currently out of Saffron Yellow. I have put out a search request with other resources. Check the listing again in a week. 2/12/20: Available now.

  • What flapper will I use to replace an American Standard F4049?

    2023: In our menu, go to Tank Parts and follow info there.

  • I have a model 4049-92 American Standard wall hung toilet what will replace it?

    The "-92" suffix is unknown. 4049 is the model number.

  • Is an American standard f-4049 tank really take 5 gallons to flush?

    2023: Yes. Production was 1962 - 1982. The first water savers came in 1984 at 3.5 GPF.