Seats for Kohler Rochelle ~ Current Colors


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Product Description:
  • Toilet seat replacement for Kohler Rochelle.
  • For toilet K-3385EB, K3385EB, K-3385, K3385, 3385. 
  • Tank lid = K-4539, K4539, 4539.
  • Enameled wood.
  • Elongated bowl only. (Not produced in Regular/Plain)
  • Replaces K-4675, K4675, 4675 (plastic) & 74931.
  • Equal to 1014072.
  • Extended warranty - Learn more.
  • Allow four weeks for arrival.

If your color is not shown here, click here for custom painted colors.

* Country Grey original K-4675 plastic, used and salvaged. Two front bumpers replaced with new white bumpers on lower rim. Other signs of use, wear and age. Fading near front. As-is, no warranty, non-returnable.



Ask a Question
  • could you provide all product dimensions?

    Since this model does not come in size choices, the dimensions are not listed. It is an elongated bowl. This seat fits only the Rochelle model and there is only one seat that fits Rochelle toilet.

  • I have a grey(country grey?) Kohler Toilet seat which has broken off the hinges and I would like to replace. The Kohler serial number inside the bowl is W10 K3385EB 05 21 85. Would your SKU: TSKRNI Kohler Rochelle replace it?

    Yes. We offer a complete seat, but not replacement hinges.

  • Can you provide K3385EB for toilet seat size?

    2023: There is only one seat that fits K-3385EB. It does not come in differnet sizes.

  • I have a Kohler Rochelle Toilet - seat missing. Inside the tank the code is 43FC and on the tank lid is T39 under that is K4558 under that 1917 and under that 3 - 1 - 91. my cell is 562-400-9922. Thxs

    Rochelle tank lid # is K-4539. K-4558 is tank lid # for Wellworth. Wellworth takes a normal seat. Rochelle takes a special seat.