Seats for Kohler Rochelle ~ Stock Colors


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Product Description:
  • Toilet seat replacement for Kohler Rochelle.
  • K-3385EB, K3385EB, K-3385, K3385, 3385. 
  • Enameled wood.
  • Elongated bowl only. (Not produced in Regular/Plain)
  • Replaces K-4675, K4675, 4675 (plastic) & 74931.
  • Extended warranty - Learn more.
  • Choose four weeks for the lowest price.
  • Choose one week for expedited departure.
    • (Some colors are the same.)

If your color is not shown here, look for the page, "Custom Painted".

Color Identification Service

Country Grey original K4675 plastic, Used and salvaged. Complete and intact. Some fading on the rim surface and left side edge. As-is, no warranty.  $70.00, contact us.

Country Grey original K4675 plastic, Used and salvaged. Two front bumpers replaced with new on the lower rim, white vs. grey. Other signs of use and age. Fading near front.  As-is, no warranty.  $60.00, contact us. 1014072


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