Porc-A-Fix Companion Products


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    Fill-A-Fix: Fill-A-Fix fills chips, cracks and gouges in porcelain that are too big for glaze alone. Apply before colored glaze, let dry and sand smooth. Each Fill-A-Fix kit contains sufficient material to make one to three repairs, depending on the size and depth of damage. Colored glaze sold separately.

    Corrode-A-Fix: A rust transformer that neutralizes rust on chipped iron and steel fixtures by converting it to a protective black layer in 30 minutes. Apply, dry and sand. Then coat with your color-matched repair glaze sold separately.

    Fib-R-Fix: Fib-R-Fix fills and repairs chips, nicks, and cracks in fiberglass and acrylic showers and baths. The three-step kit includes filler putty, activator, mixing cup, finishing paper, applicator stick and color-matched top-coat glaze. Specify fixture brand and color name in Notes during check-out.

    $5.21 shipping. Non-returnable. Non-refundable.


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