Tank Lid Lamosa Sahara


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Product Description:
  • Important: If original porcelain is out of stock, study Marine Grade substitute disclosure (link) before ordering.
  • Toilet tank lid cover Lamosa, La Mosa.
  • 17-7/8" x 9-1/4".
  • Fits Sahara tank # 410. 
  • Save 3/4 gallon per flush, Click Here.
  • Caution: Broken tanks lids are sharp and dangerous


Ask a Question
  • I need a replacement for my Lamosa Sahara. I’d like to be sure it is a good fit. Can I send you some pictures.

    The dimensions are shown in the product description. We measure the bottom outside edges. There can be small fractional variences, but they don't come in dimensional size choices. The product page shows top and bottom pictures.