Tank Eljer Hygeian.


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Product Description:
Toilet tank Eljer Hygeian.
  • This toilet tank has three flush valve variations.
  1. Built-in overflow tube and outlet with flapper seal. Circa 1950s.
  2. Built-in overflow tube and outlet with rod & ball seal. Circa 1960s.
  3. Integral flush valve & flapper installs to the tank. Circa 1970s.
    • It is important to get the correct parts for repairing or rebuilding these tanks. See supply source below.
    • Color samples shown here are for assistance in selecting a color name for an order.  If you do not already know your color name, go to the link for Colors Info or Color Identification Service.
    • Tank repair & rebuild repair parts available from our fulfillment affiliate:
    • 603-249-9100 Eastern Time.
    • TOT@TheAnswerLine.com


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