Tank Lid St. Thomas Vitromex Marathon II 6206 or 6109


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Product Description:
  • Important: We are out of original porcelain. Do not order reproduction substitute unless you have studied below.
  • Toilet tank lid Marathon II 6206 or 6109.
  • Sold as St. Thomas Creations.
  • Produced by Vitromex.
  • 17-7/8" x 8-3/8".
  • Substitute: Reproduction, disclosure - Learn more.
  • Caution: Broken tank lids are sharp and dangerous.
  • Tank repair & rebuild parts –  Learn more.


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      • There are so many lids ranging from $30 to $80 dollars why is this one $121.00

        The lowest prices are B-Grades with minor flaws. The highest prices are very rare items. Prices vary based on supply and demand and our cost. This item is medium demand and low supply. We are acutally out of it in original porcelain ($140.00) but it is available in the reproduction option.