Lid Universal Rundle Nostalgia # 4465

Universal Rundle

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Product Description:
  • Important: If we are out of original porcelain, study reproduction substitute disclosure (link) before ordering.
  • Toilet tank lid Universal Rundle, URC, (UPC), UR Nostalgia # 4465.
  • Circa 1995.
  • 17-3/4" x 8-7/8".
  • 1.6 Gallons per flush.
  • Mushroom = American Standard Bone. 
  • Doeskin = Kohler Almond.
  • Caution: Broken tanks lids are sharp and dangerous.


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  • While searching for a broken tank lid, I saw an image on google search for a Universal Rundle 4465 tank lid. The image matched my broken lid, but when I picked on it, the image didn't look at all like what I had broke. Which lid do you carry? Thanks Evan