Tank Lid American Standard Cadet & Glenwall # F4049 , 4049

American Standard

SKU: TTLIAS4049White
Product Description:
  • Tank Lid American Standard Cadet & Glenwall. 
  • F4049, 1962 - 1969.
  • 4049,  1970 - 1982.
  • M, S or T date codes 1976 -1982.

When ordering White, use the Notes field to enter a message, "F prefix" (if there is one) and your date code (letter and two numbers) such as "C72".

For white toilets, study below.  For colored toilets, disregard below:

  • From 1962 to 1969, there was an "F" prefix. It doesn't mean anything. 
  • Usually, a date code will appear for the year of production such as C72 which is 1972. 
  • From 1976 to 1982, some date codes have an M, S or T such as M80.  These tanks are 1/4" wider.  The inside of the lip on the bottom of the tank lid is 1/4" wider.  Therefore, if your tank has an M, S, or T date code, it is wise to order an M, S or T tank lid.  The outside of the lid is the same as non-MST lids.