Things We Buy

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Tank lids: Depends on brand, model, color and location.

Toilet Seats:

American Standard:

Ellisse EL270, 5340.013 . Linen, Classic Mink, Dresden Blue, Heather, Fawn Beige, Candleyght, Peach Blossom, Honeydew, Americana Brown, Black.

Carlyle, Luxor, Roma. LC-212, 5330.857 Americana Brown, Bermuda Coral, Black, Dresden Blue, Light Mink, Classic Mink, Ming Green, Saffron Yellow, Gold, Shell, Surf Green, Venetian Pink, Peach Blossom, Classic Turquoise.

Tilche TL-235, 5210.703: White and all colors.

Norwall NW209E10, 5330.337 : All colors.


800CCP White (Bemis.)

One-piece style, bolts through the tank: All colors.


Emblem 124-0200 &124-0205: Creamy Yellow, Tuscan Tan, Ruby, Classic Grey, Verde.

Patrician: White and all colors.


Champlain K-4690, K-4691: All colors.

Rochelle K-4675: Aspen Green, Avocado, Cerulean Blue, Chamois, Fresh Green, Harvest Gold, Heron Blue, New Orleans Blue, Pink Champagne, Raspberry Puree, Seafoam Green.

Palarre K-4674: White and colors.

Trocadero: All.