Covid Effects

With tank lids and seats in 100 colors going back 100 years, there are 1,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) to keep track of. Shipments come from eight possible locations from all over the country. The Covid stress on some of these locations is slowing down shipments which extends arrival time.  Below is an arrival-time guide:

Tank lids, porcelain: 7- 10 days.

Tank lids, urethane & reproduction: 14 - 20 days.

Toilet seats, White: 7 - 10 days.

Toilet seats Colors: 10 - 14 days.

Toilet seats, custom painted: 8 - 10 weeks.

Days are calendar days. Add for holidays.

Covid safety guidelines compliance in larger operations is slowing down offices, manufacturing areas, and warehousing. The manufacturing plant for Color-To-Match toilet seats has put priority on White production. Some colors are out of production until January. Stock at the distribution warehouse is dwindling and will not receive replenishment until late January. UPS recently lost an entire pallet destine to us from the factory.

If you need something before Christmas, order now.