Seat for American Standard Norwall - White

American Standard

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Product Description:
  • Toilet seat replacement for Norwall F2090.
  • Wall-mounted bowl.
  •  For toilets with tank numbers #F4040, 4040 & 4041.
  • 1955 – 1968.
  • 5 gallons per flush.
  • Caution not to confuse with tank # 4049.
  • 10" Center-to-center hinge bolt mounting. 
  • Enameled wood.
  • Equal to NW209E10. NW209, 209.
  • Tank repair & rebuild parts –  Learn more.
  • Extended warranty - Learn more.
  • Corallin pink and Regency Blue are available, click here.

Our seat is not identical to the original yet it is the only seat produced today that fits the bolt spread and bowl shape of the Norwall toilet. Our seat is enameled paint on wood vs. original plastic. Some shapes, radius and dimensions are slightly different from the original, but this is the right seat for the toilet.

Bemis Church


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    • I have an F4010 tank, with a 10” spread on the seat bolts and 15.5” from the center of the seat bolts, to the front of the bowl. (Wall-mounted toilet) Do you have a toilet seat that will work?

      4010 is number for 10" rough-in, floor-mounted toilet with 5-1/2" seat hinge spread. Recheck marking on your toilet tank for F4040.

    • Looking for old American standard plaza toilet seat white. Thank you

      Sorry, discontinued from production, don’t have it, can’t get it, don’t know where any are, can’t make it, no substitute.

    • What bolts do we need for this seat?

      The seat includes all mounting hardware.

    • Hello - what are the measurements on this one? Link for reference:

      There is only one seat for the Norwall toilet and the Norwall seat only fits the Norwall toilet. So there are no dimensional choices. We have added a spec sheet to the images on the products page. You can revisit the page to see it.