Toilet Color Identification Service with Samples linked to prior order

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This is a fee-based service, not a product. Price includes research, color samples (when necessary), postage and handling.

It's cheaper than: Toilet seat return shipping + replacement shipping + handling fee = $65.00~. $10.00 credit off restocking fees if Color ID Service was used!

Precise color-name identification service based on our expertise, experience, and a deep database of manufacturers' production history. Payment includes service for two toilets.

  1. Read this page, call if questions, proceed to order and payment.
  2. Standby up to 24 hours to receive email with attachment containing instructions.
  3. Gather your toilet’s data. Reply with your toilet’s data.
  4. Your toilet’s data will be compared with production history data base.
  5. Your toilet’s color name will be sent by email or,
  6. Color samples will be sent via postal mail to compare with the toilet.

Colors Information - Learn more. Blue, green and pink are colors, but Regency Blue, Spruce Green, and Venetian Pink are color names.

Notes: Identification of your toilet's color name does not guarantee that products will be available to match. This is a non-refundable purchase.

An $8.00 rebate is available when a product is purchased within 30 days. The rebate is an $8.00 Amazon digital gift card via email.  Use the "Notes" field during payment or send email to request, "Amazon gift card rebate."


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  • the toilet colors shown are all gross, dark colors. please show other NORMAL colors

    They're not real. It's just a graphic to create attention to colors. Real colors are shown on product pages.